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30-Day Road to Discovery: Day 4 – Purpose

by Notorious Spinks on 01.05.2011

The purpose of life is a life of purpose. ~ Robert Byrne

I remember sitting in bible study a couple of years ago and my pastor was in the pulpit ranting and raving about something.  I couldn’t begin to tell you what he was preaching about but he asked a question that stuck with me.  It was simple but complicated.  “Are you living a life of purpose?”

Plain and simple huh?  Not really.

The Purpose Driven Life

So he was in the pulpit just throwing out questions.

If your funeral were tomorrow what would people say about you?

Would they say you wasn’t worth a dirty nickel or would they really be sad that you’re gone?

Questions that make you think…  Well it made me think at least.

stickman sitting on a question mark

Let me start with a quick run down about me.  I’m a sweetie pie and I have one of those personalities that either you love me or you hate me.  It’s that simple.  I’m smart, pretty and nice but I will tear you a new one with my look and words if you get wrong.  I try not to go there though but sometimes… my gangster is tested.

Since his sermon that I vaguely remember I try to smile and laugh more.  I try to ignore people more.  I try.  I really do…

People often ask me what do I do for a living.  I often tell them that I’m a stay at-home aunt.  I keep my two great nieces during the week.  Bu if you ask them they might tell you that they keep me.

Honestly though, there are some days when I have them that I feel like going postal because … that’s another post… But then they will laugh or smile and it seems like the world is brand new to me.  I don’t care how down I am they can always cheer me up with a laugh or smile.

The way I see it is they are already serving this part of their purpose.  They help keep me sane in a crazy world.

ka n ja

Can you resist the smiles?

And then I think about me.  My friends call me the funny one.  I can make them laugh even when I want to cry and sometimes I am crying, internally.

I have come to realize that life has so many stops, turns, detours and hills but it’s about knowing and accepting your purpose.

A street sign with Purpose

We don’t have just one purpose.  In my opinion the word purpose should be plural.

Just like the world can’t stay the same and as the earth continually rotates our purpose has to change, evolve and matures as we do.

I know that my purpose at this stage in my life is to help others see the bright side of things like my great nieces do for me.  Sometimes we like to have all this importance associated with us that we miss the big picture and our purpose.  Is it possible that you’re living your purpose and don’t know because you expect or want it to be something bigger than it already is.   As you should know by now, it doesn’t work like that.

I’m more than certain I wasn’t born to cure cancer or AIDS.  Nope I’m not that smart. However, I was born to inspire and motivate.  It’s funny to me how easy it is for me to do that even when I’m not feeling motivated or inspired.  Purpose…

I said all that to say, give yourself the attention and time to get to know your purpose for this stage in your life.  Who you are and who you are not. Then take your purpose and manifest it until your next purpose comes along and the next.  Allow your purpose to change as you life changes and make sure you feed and water it.

Don’t get caught up in all this hype of what your purpose should be according to the standards of others and causing you to miss your right now purpose.

So what is your purpose?  Please share.

I hope I served my purpose by motivating and encouraging you to be all that you are meant to be and more.

When Mary found her purpose it was no more drama…

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