30 Day Road to Discovery: Day 18 – Vision

by Notorious Spinks on 01.20.2011

I have notebooks everywhere.  I mean everywhere.  I have thoughts and concepts written in them but they are so unorganized.  If I think it then I write it in most cases.  I even have one in the bathroom.  Go figure…

An orange notebook w/ glasses

Credit: Zirconicusso

Last month I started flipping through my notebooks.  I was determined to get my ideas and thoughts organized.  I started out by getting some blank paper and organizing my notes into categories: personal and business.  After I got them separated I put them in two spiral notebooks.  I wrote VISION on the notebooks in large red letters.

Once I finished transferring everything I had a clearer picture of what I wanted.  So I started writing out my steps with dates to accompany them.  I guess a bit like goal setting.  So far the entire process has been pretty successful.


When it comes to ideas I learned that it’s important to write them down to manifest them.   The most important thing is to make sure they are organized.  If they’re scattered everywhere then so is your vision.

My vision for 2011 is so much clearer.  I’m actually working on a vision board now to get a more visual stimulate with photos.  In addition to my photos I’m going through my music to make a cd of music that I feel expresses my journey in songs.  This should be interested.  When I finish the vision cd and board I’ll be sure to post so you all can see.

Do you write your thoughts on paper and how do you keep them organized to make sure your vision comes to pass?

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