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What does HE want for Valentine’s Day?

by Notorious Spinks on 02.15.2011

Well Spinkys it’s that time of year again…the big V day!

I’m pretty sure many of you have anxiously waited for this day all year-long.  Others couldn’t wait to rub your dozen of roses that you sent yourself in the faces of your co-workers.  Well as for the rest of us…we just loved on ourselves.  Sure did…

Recently I was looking at items to include in my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.  I had all these gift ideas in store for the ladies but what about my bros?  I started to ask myself, “What do brothers want for Valentine’s Day?”  Seriously.  Do they even care about this day of roses, bears and candy?

So being myself, notorious that is, I reached out to some brothers and asked.  I asked them two questions:

  1. What do men really think about Valentine’s Day?
  2. What do men want for Valentine’s Day?

It’s just that simple for me.  I never see men making a big deal of Valentine’s Day.  In the past when I was boo’d up I would get Mister an outfit, cologne, candy, card, and all that good stuff.  Of course we would either go out or I’d cook some good stuff and we’d spend the night in total LOVE…  However, I never asked him what he wanted but he know what I wanted always.

So moving on to the millionaire dollar brothers with the million dollar answers…sound off

First off I have my hometown guy Rippa.  Rippa is Mr. Real Talk and tells it like it is…so here goes

  1. I think in all honestly, men couldn’t care any less about Valentine’s Day. They may “care” only as a front. In our own selfish “it’s all about me” selves. I think we see the day as a day romanticized by women for women. I mean let’s be honest: men are not sitting around on Valentine’s Day angry at ex-lovers, or even the fact that they may be single as some women do. Nope, you don’t see men throwing Valentine’s Day pity Parties.
  2. For us, it’s just yet another day to get some booty. And a day like Valentines Day just happens to be the only day (as we see it) that the odds of getting some booty is in our favor. We’re stupid like that; we think women equate love with sex. That said, men (single unmarried men) look to Valentine’s Day as the ultimate day of reward. Don’t believe me? Just ask the dude who’s been dishing out mad “gifts” to a woman all year in the hopes of “getting with her”. Shoot, on Valentine’s Day that brotha feels like he’s owed something more than ever. And the funny thing about it, is that he’ll go extra hard and spend more than normal on that woman. And why? Just to get some booty.

So what do you think ladies?  Is it all for the bootay or does he really care?

Next up I have Mocha Dad.  I love Mocha Dad’s blog because he talks about family and love.  Yes, down deep inside I’m a hopeless romantic…so here goes

  1. I don’t place much emphasis on Valentine’s Day because I choose to show my wife how much I love her throughout the year.
  2. I can’t think of anything I want for Valentine’s Day except for a quiet dinner with my wife.

Mmmmmm.  Sounds good to me!

Now we have my Mr. Tramuel.  He likes to keep it real so lets see what he has to say…so here goes

  1. My thoughts on Valentines Day … My point of view is that it has been a day to celebrate the woman in your life, making special concessions for her. Television commercials, web and print advertisements are geared towards making her happy. Every kiss begins with {K}ay, while I have no problem with this, I’m happy that I am unattached … I won’t have to spend an hour searching through picked over cards to find the one that says “I’m happy you allow me to do you every now & again” or find a street hustler or Mexican selling the bunnies in a basket with the pillar balloons floating above this year. Money saved.
  2. What I want for Valentines Day … The day is suppose to be a celebration of a four letter word beginning with L and ending in E & companionship. I would appreciate His & Her gifts. Full body massages at a full service spa, a weekend getaway or a cruise something we can plan & share together. Having not really answered your question, what “I” would want as an individual is for someone to put some thought into my gift. I love gadgets, books, plants, art, picture frames and my teeth. I can recall only two or three V-Days were I’ve actually received anything, most of the time a woman’s thought process is that a man’s gift from her will be another word beginning with V. I can have that any ole’ time, put some thought into a gift concerning the things that I love.

Well alrighty then…something to think about ladies…Do we think the Va-ja-ja is all the gift he needs?

Check out my Shydel.  I can always rely on him to kick it straight from the hip!…so here goes

  1. I can’t speak for all men, but I find Valentine’s Day yet another reason to buy unnecessary gifts. I mean, damn, I’m still recouping from Christmas and here comes Valentine’s Day with all its expensive expectations. I get it. It’s a time to show your significant other how much you appreciate them. But I’m tired of having to dig into my wallet to do that! Eff these holidays!
  2. Man listen, the best thing you can do for me on Valentine’s Day is give me a good meal. I’ll take it homemade or at a nice a restaurant. You can keep the chocolates, balloons and teddy bears. Just fill up my belly and give me some good sex and I’m good. I’m quite easy to please. Pun intended.

Okay then Mr. “Pun Intended!”  So ladies is the Va-ja-ja good enough for your man or will he be expecting some gadgets and stuff?  Please tell…

I couldn’t leave out Citizen Ojo.  This is my think tank…if you want to think then please follow him…so here goes

  1. I personally think that Valentine’s Day is overrated. It’s a manufactured holiday that is all about people spending money. Shouldn’t everyday be Valentine’s Day? But I digress… I think men really don’t care about Valentine’s Day. They only go through the rituals because society says they have to. If a man doesn’t send flowers, stuff animals, get reservations at an expensive restaurant, lay rose petals in the doorway, pour milk in a bathtub (milk is almost $3.00 a gallon now!!!), and participate in foreplay he is a heel. And every commercial, advertisement, and store clerk will tell him so! Therefore all men go along to get along.
  2. Men want to not look like a bad guy for Valentine’s Day. That’s all!

All I have to say is, “Ojo what the hell is a heel?”

Last but certainly not least I have Vernon.  Vernon is the guy that stays in the background but when he hits…he hits hard…so here goes

  1. When Valentine’s day rolls around I have to be honest it’s one of the last things on my mind. I love the thought of the holiday and doing something nice for my significant other but it can be a real pain. Trying to one up yourself from the year before and be original. I think about all of the crap I’m going to have to do to make this one day special.
  2. This answer is pretty simple. Sex and lots of it. Most guys expect to get some form of emotional compensation on Valentine’s. It’s one of the few days of the year where if you have been cool most of the week you should get some pretty good sex. You also expect or I should say that I expect something a little more than what we normally do during sex. After all its Valentine’s day and I want some effort to make me think about the day for a few months to come.

So ladies is it “good loving body rocking knocking boots all night long…” if he’s been good? Do you hold out on the goods if he’s been a bad boy or do you give him a get out of jail pass for Valentine’s day? Please tell…

Spinkys I hope y’all enjoy this post as much as I loved putting it together.  I’m sorry it’s so late but hey… I love you!

But on a serious note, I just want the brothers to have an opportunity to sound off about how they feel about the holiday.  As usual, the commercials and advertisements are geared toward women and I don’t see any for the men.  Are we sending a message to our brothers that the only day they get is Father’s Day and maybe Christmas?  Oh I almost forgot, Superbowl Sunday.  Umphh…that might make us equal…

What do you think Spinkys?  What did you get Mister for Valentine’s Day?

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  • I love that about men, they don’t get so hung up on things like V-day. I wish I was more like that when I was younger.

  • I’d rather give a gift than my gift if you know what I mean. LOL Interesting to read what the guys all say.

  • I dont know… Valentine’s is just something I don’t really care about. I love my husband and he doesn’t need to give me all kinds of gifts on one day for me to know he loves me too

  • My husband got me a vacuum one year, I wanted it, but my family always makes fun of him for it.

  • Loved the post. I, too, read Mocha Dad, but now have a few more guys to follow. Thanks for sharing. And I don’t have a boo. On purpose. My “friend” wanted some booty and I haven’t been feeling, nor talking to, him lately so that idea was out-of-pocket. I mean, had we been on better terms in the most recent past, it would’ve been a done deal. No questions asked.

    However, you do have put a little bit of preparation into it. I am quite sure he got it elsewhere which is A-OK with me.

    • Thanks Mo!
      LOL! It’s not always about the booty. Clearly…
      Some dudes feel that getting it is automatic for the sake of the holiday. I say, Boy Please…

  • Wow interesting seeing my comments in the context of a article, but I think I’m going to stand by those comments 🙂 I’m very interested to see the ladies comments on the subject. Thanks for the article and getting the real word out about what men are really thinking,

    • No problem. You know I’m partial to the brothers anyway. I think I kind of think like y’all which can be a gift and a curse sometimes.

      I just like to tell it like it is…I can’t stand for my sisters to be in La-La land…

  • I Lol @CitizenOjo “(milk is almost $3.00 a gallon now!!!)”

    Thank you for asking & allowing me the opportunity to share my thoughts.

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