Textbooks: Purchase vs. Rent

by Notorious Spinks on 06.14.2012

text book rentals

Text book rentals are becoming trendy these days.  Especially when so many people are returning to college to learn new skills or update their current skill sets. However, when considering going back to college you must budget in textbooks.  I’ve seen books for more than $200.  Good googily mooli!

I recently asked some of my friends who are in college how they afford their textbooks.  I was surprised to learn that many of them already rented their books.  Were have I been? In all honesty, I never even considered this option.  I usually just buy the books and keep it moving.

As I continued to think about it,  renting textbooks would have been great when I was in undergrad.  For instance, I took a Media Law class.  As you know the law changes everyday and with the onset of new media and social media, the game is changing everyday for sure. It would have been great to rent that book instead of buying.  Some of the information as far as historical cases are still usable somewhat, unless one of those ole justices decide to change the law…  I won’t even start on them.

If you’re in college or looking to enroll then you should definitely consider renting textbooks.  It saves money and the pain of not being able to sell them back.

Have you ever tried renting textbooks?  How did it work out for you?





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