Breast Implants Please!

by Notorious Spinks on 06.21.2012

I have big boobs! I’ve always had big boobs!  I don’t even recall ever wearing a training bra.  But…

They’ve dropped over the years.  I remember when I was younger and they were big, pretty, perky… Now they just drop.  I don’t like it…not one dang on bit.  I’ve even toyed with the idea of getting a lift along with implants that will make them larger and just stand up.  I know…so vain!  But I’m not known for keeping my thoughts to myself.

Don’t judge me…

Every time I see a woman who has a nice big pair that sit up I get jealous.  My cousin for instance, it seems that her girls just sit up so nicely and I’m like, “Why don’t my  girls do that?  Why won’t they behave?”

I digress…

I just want my old pair back…back when I was 20 or so.  Is that too much to ask?  I can’t even get a good push up bra that makes them stand at attention. They always look stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.  They just sit up on my chest all smothered so I stopped trying to wear them.

I want a Wendy Williams pair.  Or maybe an Anna Nicole Smith (RIP) pair.  Just not these pair.

Don’t judge a girl for dreaming though.  I often wonder what breast implants cost today.  If I can just hit the lottery.

I know that some women don’t have breasts due to sickness and I don’t take it lightly.  I’m thankful for what I have.  But you can’t judge a girl for dreaming though.

Have you ever considered breast implants?

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