Do You Live Next Door to a Burglar?

by Notorious Spinks on 06.22.2012

I hate thieves.  I often wonder what makes some people feel that they get to steal what others work so hard for.  Is it a sense of entitlement or what?  I just don’t get it.  I’m just thankful that my mom taught me to work for mines.

I live in an area that people often label as bad or crime ridden, but I feel safe.  Go figure… Crime is everywhere and I know this.  I take precautions to make sure I’m safe and I do my part to discourage burglars.

My first thing is making sure that I have a home security sign in the yard.  Most criminals don’t want trouble and just want to get in and out.  According to the infograph below, most burglars are out in 12 minutes.  Now that’s fast.

My mom lived in this house for 11 years without a theft and I’ve been here a year and everything has been good.  My neighbors look out for each others property as well.  I even remember when my mom passed and people were in and out.  I was so stressed and I didn’t even realize the front door was open.  There is a storm door but the wooden door was open all night and the storm door doesn’t latch anymore.  I didn’t realize it until like the next day on my way to the funeral home.  I remember being so thankful that no one walked in on me and gave me a sense of security in my community.  After realizing that 63 percent of burglaries happen in the day time, I often wonder if I would have had the same outcome in the daytime.

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Even though I feel safe here, I am saving to get the system updated. I found out that my security company offers glass break sensors. The sensor causes the alarm to sound off if the window is broken. The ones we have now only sound off if someone raises the window. I know that if a thief wants to get in not being able to lift the window will not stop him.

Another thing I didn’t realize is that most burglaries happen in July and August and the thief usually lives within two miles of crime. Now that’s too close for comfort.

With the summer months approaching, be sure that you do everything to protect your family and your home. Never make it easy for a burglar by being a sitting duck.

So how do you protect your home against burglaries?

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% mine.

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