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Fiction or Reality: Instagramming in Instaglasses

by Notorious Spinks on 07.03.2012

Instagram Instaglasses

One of my reasons for wanting the iPhone was Instagram.  I loved the idea of sharing pics with my friends and adding all kinds of funny captions.  So when I saw these Instaglasses I was like, “Whoa!”  I instantly thought about one of my favorite spy series, Alias, with actress Jennifer Garner.

Just imagine me in CIA mode, traveling the streets of Paris, Tokyo, and Milan snapping pictures for the safety of my country.  These terrorists would hate to see me coming in my jeans, Rees (Reeboks) and white tee.

Well I won’t go that far but you know what I mean.  A girl can dream can’t she? Who am I fooling, I would be shopping while pinning my favorite looks.

Instaglasses is a concept designed by German Designer Markus Gerke.  Here’s what the artist had to say about his design:

A week ago it appeared to me that with current technology like Google Glasses it would be possible to take applications like Instagram to a new level. Since I’m into graphics I took it to myself and realized it as a graphical concept.

According to Gerke, he does not intend to further this design.  It’s fictional only.  Umph….

Fictional only??? I can see myself rocking these babies and snapping pictures while sightseeing. This may “only” be fictional for Gerke but someone will be duplicating this design soon with a nice price tag. I can’t wait to see who…

What do you think?  Do you see Instaglasses as a reality or fiction only? 

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  • That would be awesome!

  • I bet one day they will be out for anyone to get LOL.

  • Anything can happen!

  • RJ

    I’m pretty sure this might actually happen someday! 🙂

  • These days, nothing is impossible.

  • Those are cool! I have it on my anroid, but hardly use it!

  • interesting thoughts but sounds like it could be something not far from the truth.

  • I am a huge IG fan – I love the glasses!

  • I have it on my android but I think the iphone has more features, no fair 🙁

  • Ha! So funny. I think I’m the last person not using Instagram. I set up an account and everything, but I haven’t even taken a picture with it.

  • Oh my gosh, I hope it becomes reality soon because it sounds so cool!

  • I’m still waiting for the hoverboard. 🙂

  • I would totally rock these!

  • That would be awesome! 🙂

  • I think I would totally be for it, except my little guy breaks all of my sunglasses.

  • LOL, I have a brother-in-law who would totally rock those.

  • Instaglasses would be awesome – I’d totally be a buyer!

  • Dang, I wish they were real!

  • Hehe, like the Google glasses I think it’s a fun concept, but don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon! 😉

  • I wish it was real. That would be fun!

  • Haha. That would be fun!

  • I use Instagram constantly – the idea of being able to just walk around taking photos in a second would be awesome!!

  • Very interesting. They can totally make this happen and for a reasonable price.

  • Very cool!!

  • I’d rock them!

  • I don’t know about the Instaglasses, but I love Instagram. I just wish I had an iPhone!


  • LOL very cool!

  • Hahahaha, what a clever idea.

  • I think I need to start with a iphone first, lol.

  • I would love something like this to really exist. I love taking pictures!

  • I could totally see that being a real thing! I wouldn’t wear them but it’s a fun concept 🙂

  • Those would be cool!

  • Fiction. They look fun, but I wouldn’t wear them.

  • They definitely look fun!

  • An interesting concept….I’m thinking someone will come up with something like it in the future.

  • never heard of them, maybe because I have a Droid? Interesting though!

  • I dont see them becoming real but it would be fun

  • I LOVE Instagram too! One of the reasons I keep my iPhone…

  • fiction. Although you’re right, someone will be making them soon! LOL!

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