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Review: PottyCover

by Notorious Spinks on 07.19.2012

I hate using the bathroom in public places.  I cringe at the idea of using public restrooms.  Now imagine how I feel when Goo says, “Auntie Londa, I have to use it,” and we’re in a public place.  I just want to cry….off to the ladies room we go.

Thanks to PottyCover I no longer have to cringe when Goo says, “Auntie Londa, I have to use it!”

PottyCover is a disposable toilet seat cover for children (wonder if I can get away with using them) that covers the entire front and side of toilet.  Ain’t God good? 

PottyCover sent me a package of these to review and I just love them.  Of course, Ms. Nosey wanted to know what it was and why we were using.  I promise she’s 3 going on 33.  However, after we got it on the toilet I think she liked it.  She’s already a germ phobe especially in the bathroom and has no problem telling me I need to clean my bathroom… but she won’t clean her room.  Ain’t that some?   

If you haven’t tried Potty Cover then you should.  I’m headed over to order some for her travel bag now because something tells me she won’t like using the public toilet without a PottyCover again. They come six to a package and only $5.99 per package.  Moms with boys, it’s also good for those impromptu poop sessions.

How do you handle public bathroom trips?

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  • These are such a great idea!

  • I hate restrooms that don’t have them. This is good idea.

  • We need to get these. I hate public restrooms and with eight kids someone always needs to go.

  • I love these!

  • We really need to get some of those as I’ll be potty training my son soon & he touches EVERYTHING so I’m hoping it’ll keep at least SOME of the germs away!

  • Good idea!

  • You are so funny. 🙂 I am the same way about public bathrooms. HATE THEM! My husband is convinced my bladder is just going to shut down someday when we’re road tripping and I refuse to go for hours & hours on end. Maybe I should order these for myself.

  • that’s definitely an interesting concept. We usually just use the toilet covers provided in the public restrooms.

  • Looks cute and hygienic!

  • Ooooh this could definitely come in handy.

  • Oh, yes. This looks like something I’d use. I despise public restrooms.

  • NICE! Maybe they’ll start putting those in public bathrooms. 😉

  • Monique

    I had to get used to public restrooms since I have to pee all the time. But I put paper on the seat, or hover over it, and won’t let a single body part of piece of clothing touch the toilet. I’m anal like that too. This product looks great, if a bit expensive.

  • I’ve never seen this! Very cool idea.

  • I might have to order some!

  • That’s a great idea! I like the patterns as well…makes keeping little ones clean a bit more fun, lol!

  • I love this idea and a germaphobe who truly tries to avoid all public restrooms, I need this product.

  • Great idea! Public restrooms are just gross.

  • Wow I hate using public toilets myself, I cringe just walking in, this is pretty interesting.

  • These are a great idea. Kids put their hands, arms, legs, and faces everywhere they shouldn’t!

  • Awesome idea. But yes, I wonder if they come for adults, some public restrooms are just gross.

  • We so need a case of these!

  • Now these are cool. I hate using public restrooms but do when I have to.

  • I hate public restrooms! I will not drink when I’m out in public to avoid going to the bathroom.

  • Before I scrolled down it looked like a Kleenex box. Nice review.

  • I need one of those for myself. LOL When my daughter was a toddler and had to use the public bathroom, I would hold her over the sink if the toilets were nasty!

  • I only use public restrooms when I absolutely have to.

  • I hate using public restrooms, too!

  • I’m a hover type person, but not sure how we’ll do it once sweet baby is older.. This is definitely an option!

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