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Flowers for the Living

by Notorious Spinks on 07.20.2012

This morning was a real shocker for me.  The last I checked, 12 people were reported dead as a result of the mass shooting in the Colorado movie theater.  71 were reported as injured.  Tragic… 

As I transitioned into my daily routine of breathing, praying, breathing, meditating, breathing and praying, I thanked God for my life.  I thanked him for protecting me from dangers seen and unseen.  I thanked him for keeping me, even when I didn’t know I needed to be kept.  I thanked him for protecting my friends, family and relatives.  I just thanked him…

After getting my head in the game for the day, I glanced down at my phone and saw my screen saver.  It’s one of my favorite pictures.  It says so much with no intent.


It’s my two-year-old great-niece, Kay, taking flowers from my mom’s grave.  Every time she visits she says, “G.G.” and takes a flower.  I guess that’s her way of remembering.

After I glanced down at the picture, I embraced the importance of giving people their flowers while they are living.  Some parent, husband, wife … was waiting for their loved one to return from the movies last night and they didn’t.. they won’t… 

I then wondered what that last conversation was like … if there was a conversation…

Last week I was blessed to celebrate another birthday in the land of the living.  It was my second birthday without my mom here and it’s still different…  But today, although I’m sad that my mom is gone, I’m more happy in knowing that I gave her flowers while she was living.

Jessica Redfield, was one of the innocent moviegoers killed last night.  Her bio on her blog profile reads:

I specialize in sports media and snark. Not your typical sarcastic feisty redhead attempting to perfect the trifecta of class, sass, and crass. Yankee born, Texas raised, Colorado blooming. Follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com/jessicaredfield

 Unfortunately she is no longer able to blossom due to senseless crime… 

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  • I like the idea of sending flowers now.

  • I went back and read her entire story of how she nearly missed being killed in Texas earlier. Such a tragedy that she ended up in that Colorado incident.

  • beautiful picture!

  • I’m just heart-broken over this. And you are so right… we need to give flowers to the living, and hugs, and I love you’s as much as possible. Because you never know….

  • It’s impossible to understand how someone could do anything like that.

  • I still can’t believe what could possibly drive someone to do such a thing. I really don’t think I want to know either.

  • This was such a senseless crime.

  • I still can’ t believe what happened… I feel as if no matter where you are or what you do you aren’t safe…

  • It’s such a tragic event. I don’t understand how people can be so cruel.

  • That is so sad…it’s so haunting to read the last words, tweets, etc of the victims.

  • So sad. Thanks for the reminder to demonstrate our love before it’s too late!

  • It was so shocking! I couldn’t believe it…or at least I was sad that I COULD believe it, given that I work in the News industry. Definitely made me hold my husband and daughter closer.

  • Very sad!

  • That photo is a great reminder of the importance of spending time with people while they’re living and giving them flowers at that time to – when it matters the most.

  • Jessica was friends with a friend of my husband. My husband’s friend is beside himself because he is the reason she moved to Colorado to pursue her sports career.

    It is a great reminder to always tell those you love how you feel, and live each day like it is your last. It’s been a tough few days for our community.

    • I’m sorry to hear that. I know he has to be taking that hard but I’m sure she wouldn’t want him to.

  • My husband and I are still trying to digest the tragedy in Colorado. However, it’s hard to remember to celebrate living and I hope that you got yourself some flowers today. Btw – Thanks for the tip!!

  • This is a great reminder (the flowers). You never know when something is going to happen out of your control. This is what I tell my children every day when they leave the house.

  • I was shocked when I heard what happened.

  • so very sad. Such a tragedy and such a great loss prayers to the family

  • My heart breaks…

  • So sad.

  • So incredibly sad.

  • Thanks for sharing. I remember when your mom passed last year. I felt so bad for you. It’s good to know that you gave her flowers when she could enjoy them – and that even her great grandkids got to know her.

    It sickens and saddens me when I see or read about senseless acts like this young man committed. Horrifying, really.

  • This is just so so sad.

  • Oh this makes me so sad, so sad to see her tweets. Another horrible happening for this world.

  • So tragic and completely senseless!

  • I woke up and turned on the new like usual and heard about the tragedy today too.

  • I really can’t begin to make sense of this tragedy, but you are so right about being sure to give people their flowers and love while they are living. Life is much shorter than we think!

  • So tragic.

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