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To Rent or Buy?

by Notorious Spinks on 07.20.2012

I had a discussion with my Bestie about wealth and waste.  She shared with me that one of our mutual friends sold many of her purses, shoes and other accessories to rid herself from debt.  Her goal was to become debt free and at any cost.  That got me to thinking about the things that we buy and knowing that we will only use or wear it only once.  In many instances I don’t think that its intentional waste, it just seems to happen like that.

As we continued to talk, I thought about my other BFF who still has her wedding dress tucked in the back of the closet.  It probably won’t see the light of day, never, ever again.  My other bestie still has her high school prom dress tucked away in the closet.  Ha!  I guess she’s looking to relive that  day of 15 years earlier or maybe she’s going to grease up and attempt to slide back in it.  *shrugs*  I rented my prom dress because I couldn’t see myself buying one.

What is Ashton Martin Music

Whatever “that” item is for you, just know that you’re not alone.  However, these days I love that you can rent almost anything.  Well except for a kidney, brain or toenails.  But you get my drift.  I mean from a motor home to my white Ashton Martin trimmed in chrome with the chrome rims and peanut butter interior.

Can’t a girl dream….

I can see myself now enjoying a cool summer day with the top down of my Ashton Martin singing, “summer breeze, makes me feel fine…”  Thanks to Erento it’s possible, even if only for one day…

What buried deep in your closet that you’ve only worn once or twice.  Would it have been better to rent the item instead of buying?  Please share.

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  • I’ve seen a service for renting expensive handbags. Not for me, but I thought it was a cool idea.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever considered renting clothes, but I am desperately trying to figure out how to sell things to pay off some debt. Someone suggested a flea market booth, and I just might do that – if I can get myself organized enough to do so.

  • I’ve never rented anything, I think it’s a waste of money because I would never buy something that I couldn’t wear a ton of times!

  • I have a pair of jeans that I’m still hoping I will fit into again… one can wish…

  • I do have my wedding dress in my closet but I paid $62 on a sale rack at a department store which I’m guessing is cheaper then renting one LOL. I don’t save much it is my husband that is the sentimental saver. I’m realistic and if I don’t need it get rid of it. The only reason I still have the dress is because if I got rid of it my husband would feel that “meant” something.

  • Ha on the prom dress! I am not a keeper at all, I have some vintage items like purses and scarves that I wear.

  • This is an interesting idea! I can see where it could be useful.

  • Hmm, actually, yeah. But now, when I buy something expensive, I WEAR it all the time, and make sure to get use out of it.

  • It depends on the item but I could definitely think of occasions where renting would be better than buying.

  • I’m not a huge clothes person, so if I did have a special occasion I think that is a wonderful idea!

  • I never went to prom, so I don’t have a prom dress tucked in my closet. However, I do still have my wedding dress, which I am saving as a keepsake. Perhaps, my daughter will wear it someday or she’d like to have it as a keepsake when she’s older. 🙂

  • I’m not a buyer of clothes. Never have been. But in high school I did have a challenge with a classmate to wear a different outfit every single day. The only thing that could be reworn were jeans, and only twice a week.
    We both made it through with new clothes every single day. I would die before I’d do that again (or allow my children to do it)! Die! Today, I’m all about thrift, repurposing, and reusing. Now I need to take your friend’s lead and start selling out stuff to fund our new RV lifestyle.

    • Girl a new outfit everyday! LOL! Yes go ahead and get ready for that big move.

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