An Energy Efficient Home

by Notorious Spinks on 07.31.2012

A dream of mine is to buy a few acres of land and build my dream home.  This has always been my dream. There is just something about getting to design every aspect of my home.  Control freak… However, the number one prerequisite for my dream home is that it must be energy-efficient.  I will not go into my spill about global warming being real but I am convinced that our (humanity) frivolous lifestyles are catching up with us.

Over the years, green living has become important to me.  I recycle everything that can be recycled, I try to avoid buying items in containers that are not recyclable in my area and I follow the tips issued by my utility company on saving energy.  For example, I cut off lights when I am not in the room, I unplug things when I am not using them and I get household items regularly serviced.  Although I can barely tell by looking at my utility bill I still try to save. But I must admit, I know that much of it has to do with the record-breaking heat that the summer has brought with it.

One of my usual activities to create motivation is to browse online at concepts for my dream home. This week I came across solar panels from Dulas.  They have a neat chart on their website that breaks down how solar panels work.

Solar panels from Dula

I knew that solar panels produced energy from the sunrays but the chart broke down how energy is imported into the home while the unused portion is exported out to the grid.  I am assuming that the utility company purchases the exported energy.  This is genius and not to mention that they will owe me money for a chance.

Do you have solar panels installed on your home?  Have you considered upgrading your home to make it more energy efficient?

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