Fashionable Wedding Bands

by Notorious Spinks on 08.22.2012

In high school I fell in love with jewelry.  My mom had so much jewelry and I would have so much fun changing out pieces to wear.   For the most part, my mom had her regular pieces and would switch out on special occasions.  I guess that’s why I wear the same ring everyday although I have so many to choose from.  However, the rings I love the best are wedding bands.  My mom had one that she never wore it and had diamonds embedded it.  I thought it was beautiful and I never asked her where she got it from.  I remember taking the wedding band and wearing it on my thumb one day.  All my friends at school thought it was so cool and I felt pretty stylish in it.  I wonder what my mom did with that wedding band?

Tungsten wedding band with diamond studs

Fast forward a few years, yes I’m fresh out of high school, and I’m still infatuated with a lovely wedding band.  I’ve vowed that when I marry I’ll choose a simple and elegant wedding band over an eye-catching “rock” any day.  When I think about my taste in jewelry I find that it has always been kind of simple yet sparkly and routine like my beauty regimen.

While browsing for some new additions to my jewelry box, I came across these fashionable and reasonably priced Tungsten Wedding Bands.

Tungesten Wedding band with cross engraved

I love the crosses embedded in this wedding band.  I have a necklace that would go perfectly with this for Sunday morning services.

Tungsten Prism cut wedding band

I especially love this one.  The prism cut makes this an awesome everyday ring.  I still love wearing pretty wedding bands on my thumbs.  It gives a different feel than if placed on any of my other fingers.  Also, I see that some people place them on their toes.   Too bad my toes are too short and fat for rings, they just never seem to feel right.

So Spinkies, how do you like your jewelry?  Sparkly, flashy or barely there?

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