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Traveling with Bossy Kids #culturellekids

by Notorious Spinks on 08.31.2012

Goo is bossy, already.  She knows what she wants and how she wants it.  The only good thing is that she will at least compromise, sometimes.   With me knowing how specific she is, I listen to her because she will correct me.  For instance, she informed me that she wanted to go to the beach.  Yes the beach, at three!  When I was three, I was…being three.  But not her!

Goo with her Kool-Aid smile

Once we decided that the beach was a go, I started our planning.  When it comes to travel I have to plan every part of the trip.  In this instance,  I knew I would be traveling with a bossy kid.  My goal was to make sure she was as comfortable as possible.  Besides, auntie’s baby is spoiled and I’m glad to meet her demands.  Once we decided that Biloxi would be our destination, then the important stuff came.  Here are some of the items I knew we couldn’t leave home without:

Portable DVD – Goo loves her cartoons.  She loves Doc McStuffins, Dora and Diego.  All of these must be on hand at all times.

Cooler – Me and my girl love to eat.  Her favorite snack is grapes.  She must have grapes with everything.   I mean everything from eggs to hotdogs.  We make sure we have enough to last the duration of the trip and ice to keep everything cool.

Extra clothes & shoes – You never know when an accident will happen.  It is better to be prepared and not have to dig through other luggage to get to clothes or use hotel laundry services.  Those services can be expensive.

Hand-held Travel bag – The travel bag includes hand sanitizer and wipes, allergy meds, air freshener, antibacterial spray, potty covers, books, paper, pens, crayons and first-aid kit.

Culturelle Kids – When traveling to other regions it’s easy to catch bugs from that area.  It can come from a simple change in the foods eaten while traveling.  Culturelle Kids help keep the good bacteria in the system and keeps the digestive tract working properly.   This comes in powder and chewables and is pediatrician approved.  Goo prefers the chewables.

Culturelle Kids Powder Packets

Besides why travel with the kids and not get a chance to enjoy it.   I love that Culturelle Kids help keep my Goo up and going.  Her safety and health are my first priorities.  The trip was fun and Goo got her trip to the beach.

*This post is brought to you by Culturelle Kids but all opinions are my own.  Please read and follow instructions prior to using this product for best result.

Parents how do you prepare for a trip?  Any precautions you take before leaving?

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  • Sounds like a great list.

  • These are perfect for back to school season!

  • We pack up backpacks

  • I take dvd’s and fun backpacks filled with their favorite toys/books.

  • I like to pack mini “travel bags” for each of my kids with fun items inside to keep them busy during road trips. I am also a portable DVD player fan!

  • I always regret it when I don’t take extra clothes with me

  • My little dude is the same way- he has to have all that stuff to be comfortable!

  • thanks for sharing your thoughts

  • Great tips!

  • It is no fun to travel with kids that aren’t feeling well!

  • She is so cute! I’m pretty difficult to travel with myself, or so says my husband. Maybe I need a DVD player and Culturelle too! 😉

  • She is adorable! My son is a bit bossy, too. 🙂

  • I should have bought some last week. Now that the kids are back in school, they are being exposed to germs. My daughter has her first cold of the school season.

  • We’ve never tried this, but maybe we need to. I am all for keeping the boys healthy, happy and not bossy.

  • CK it working great on my boys!

  • Great post and so helpful!

  • Some times my little guy has troubles. I need to look in to this.

  • I’m so lucky that my son is wonderful to travel with. *knocks wood* He talks to me, tells me stories, and reads a lot… especially on longer trips. He never whines, or even asks “Are we there, yet?” 🙂

    I’ll check out Culturelle Kids!

  • It is so important to keep the little ones feeling their best when you are out and about!

  • I need to give this a try …my son eats bananas and the stop him up…then I give him apples and it works to well then more bananas this might be the way to go instead

  • I’m ashamed to admit I’ve let the Little watch Elmo on my ipod when he goes crazy while traveling.

  • The DVD player has saved our sanity. Wish we’d gotten it sooner! I’ll keep Culterelle in mind for when Sweet T is older. Nothing like a stomach bug to ruin a trip!

  • Great tips! You have everything you need!

  • You sure have every circumstance accounted for. It’s very true that tummies can get upset easily when traveling, so you’re smart to bring that along!

  • So true! Probiotics help keep vacations happy!

  • Great tips! We’re getting ready to travel soon and an iPad and snacks are a must have for us!

  • We JUST bought a DVD player for our 9 hour trip we’re about to take!

  • I’m sure she had a lot of fun.

  • Great tips – I’m taking notes!

  • No matter how much I prepare for a trip, I always end up forgetting something. Always.

  • Kids come out of the wound bossy parents around these days lol. By the time they are 3 like in this case, they have their skill mastered. I just bet she is adorable!

  • DVD player, Ipads, and all that is DEFINITELY a must on long trips!

  • Love Culturelle products!

  • Portable DVD and iphone’s are a must!

  • Awww, she is so cute!

  • I have some bossy kids, too. I don’t think we’d be able to make anywhere without a portable DVD player to keep them occupied. And quiet, heh.

  • Ugh, I have the bossiest kid! Great tips

  • The portable DVD player is SO helpful on trips with kids!

  • I’ve heard good things about Culturelle.

  • Traveling with kids is tough, but being prepared really helps.

  • Amy

    Great tips! Culturelle is a life-saver

  • I always overpack and over prepare. I would hate to be away and need something that we don’t have. BTW…I called my oldest “Goo” until he wouldn’t let me anymore, lol.

  • I always bring lots of stuff to keep the kids entertained in the car!

  • It’s great to have Culturelle for the whole family. I really love it.

  • She’s so cute! Culturelle is great stuff.

  • I always remember car games and snacks to fend off the boredom monster.

  • She is adorable! Awesome tips.

  • great tips, when I traveled with my kids we had none of the electronics and such as we do now. But you have some great tips.

  • I would love to get my daughter to start taking these.

  • My youngest already had strep – by the 3rd day of school. I forgot about Culturelle. Maybe it could’ve helped with the germies! Ugh!

    When we travel the girls help pack the suitcase and we try to take snacks, portable entertainment (DVD player, kindle, etc), and books to read.

  • LOL That is funny that she likes to eat grapes with her dog dogs and eggs!

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