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Life with Four Eyes

by Notorious Spinks on 09.11.2012

I remember when I was in the third grade and I had to go move closer to the board to see.  It was then that my teacher, Mrs. Todd informed my mom that I needed glasses.  I was glad, too!  I wanted to be four-eyed like my sister.  She had these big red frames that I loved, vintage.

Vintage Round Shaped Eyeglasses

Ever since then I’ve been wearing eyeglasses.  Honestly, I can’t do anything without them and my vision ended up being worse than my sisters.  Ain’t that nothing!  I literally sleep with my glasses in the bed with me next to my iPhone.  If anything goes down, I’m ready!

Since I have no other choice but to wear glasses, I’m always on the lookout for cheap glasses.  Although I love cheap prices, my glasses must be of good quality and have to endure my tough life.  Yes, I’m hard on glasses.  You would think I would treat them better since I MUST have them.

I recently went to the optometrist to get a new eyeglasses prescription so that I can shop for new glasses and contacts.  I have an astigmatism so I make sure I get my eyes examined every year, not to mention I’m getting older.  When I was examined I had to go for special test because my vision is declining and they wanted to make sure there was nothing serious going on.  It looks like everything is okay…other than I can expect to wear “coke-bottles” for glasses as I get older.

While searching online for affordable glasses, I stopped by GlassesUSA.com and found so many cute frames.  With their virtual mirror I was able to upload a photo and see how I looked in the frames. This feature made it easy to decide on what pair fitted my face.  There’s nothing like knowing what the final product will look like before purchasing it.

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This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own.
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  • Thank goodness I don’t need glasses yet (had lasik years ago) but my hubby says I look good in them.

  • I don’t normally love my glasses but I recently got a new pair and absolutely LOVE them and don’t mind wearing them!

  • Oh man I hate glasses, I have been wearing them since I’m 2!

  • I think you would still look great with red frames!! Remember Sally Jesse rocked them gorgeously as well.

  • I don’t recall if I wanted glasses as a kid but I love wearing them as an adult.

  • I totally wanted glasses as a kid, too! I didn’t end up getting them though & still don’t have them- but my BFF had them & I wanted them! My brother does wear them though so I’ll have to tell him about those deals!

  • What a great way to save money!

  • That is awesome you can ‘try’ them on first.

  • This reminds me that I need to see the eye doctor soon!

  • I started wearing glasses in the 5th grade. I used to hate it but now I don’t mind it so much!

  • Glasses really do become part of your identity – finding a pair that helps you see better and is priceless!

  • I need new glasses, so I am going check this site out.

  • Oh wow that software is so cool!

  • That reminds me, it’s almost time to have my daughter’s eyes checked again.

  • I got my glasses in 3rd grade–I was also excited to get them and my first pair was bright red too! Now I wear contacts most of the time because as soon as I hit junior high, I realized that I did *not* want glasses. 🙂

  • Love the virtual mirror! That would definitely help.

  • I always wear glasses when I’m at home. I’ve got like three old pairs lying around. I need to get new ones.

  • I love that they have software to “try” glasses on online now.

  • I still wear glasses for reading and when working online. I have used contacts too but at home I prefer glasses.

  • I wear glasses, but I really want contacts. Glasses are so easy though!

  • That’s awesome that you can upload a photo and see how the frames will look!

  • I like the try it feature so you can get an idea of what each type of glasses might look like on your face shape.

  • Yeah, I’m not sure when I started wearing glasses, but I’ll be wearing them forever too. When the woman at the doctor’s office told me that laser surgery involves them cutting then lifting a flap of my eyeball…..

    No laser for me. Period.

  • I don’t have a need for eyeglasses yet, but when I do, i know where to go.

  • That is seriously cute that you wanted to be like your sis. I really love hot you can buy cheap eyeglasses online! I’m going to check out this site.

  • I love all the different ways you can buy glasses online. I just ordered a pair for my daughter just a couple weeks ago.

  • Those are super cute, I use to have a similar pair in high school, and I thought I was the BOMB too lol.

  • I honestly can’t WAIT for the day I am told I need glasses. I’ve wanted glasses forever!

  • Vintage big and red you are talking my talk

  • I ♥♥♥ those glasses.

  • I could always use a new pair of eyeglasses!

  • I love the mirror function! That is so cool I was wondering how you would knoe you like your glasses…very awesome

  • I got my glasses in 2nd grade and my first ones were big red plastic frames. I had contacts a time or two, but I honestly prefer glasses.

  • I need to start looking into new frames

  • I need a new pair so bad, my son has destroyed my current pair.

  • I wore them for some time after high school and still own a pair but I don’t use them much anymore. But I will be needed the 40 glasses soon I can tell my vision is getting worse.

  • I have both glasses and contacts and wear them probably 50/50. I really want lasik

  • Thanks for the heads up! Hubs needs new ones.

  • I need to get a pair, as I lost mine…

  • I have a hard time with the feel of glasses. I think you probably get used to it though!

  • I always wear glasses as well. I have contacts, but actually prefer glasses.

  • I really need to see an optometrist. I had an appt. and had to cancel it twice… never rescheduled. :/

  • Love them! I need to get a new prescription soon.

  • Super cute! I’m so into glasses lately.

  • It’s funny what we think is great as kids, lol. I was excited when I got my first glasses too.

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