How LifeLock Can Protect Consumer Credit

by Notorious Spinks on 09.29.2012

This post brought to you by LifeLock Twitter. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Identity theft can be a life altering incident.  Although I’ve never had my entire identity stolen, I have lost a credit card and the person who found it used it.  I was devastated from that incident alone.  I wanted to cry and I felt violated.

Thankfully there are services like LifeLock to help monitor your identity.  They have the capabilities to track it if someone opens a credit or non-credit account in your name, they scan sites to make sure your identity isn’t being offered on thievery sites and they also notify you if the personal information on your bank account is changed.

I remember realizing that the bank was calling me on a Saturday night while at a concert, a New Edition concert.  We had just learned that Whitney Houston had died and we all were kind of shook up.  So just imagine how I felt when I spoke to the bank officials during an intermission.  I only answered because some 1-800 number kept calling me at 8 pm.  After speaking with them, I spread the contents of my purse on the counter in our sky box and realized that I must have dropped my card in the store while rushing to get home and get dressed.

Although my bank took care of all the charges, its good to know that LifeLock offers up to $1 million as apart of their service guarantee.  The money used will help LifeLock track down the thieves and work to convict them.  Although I think they would be much suited for hell, what do I know?

One important thing everyone should do is make sure your passwords are secure.  How hack-friendly is your password?  It is good to use numbers, characters and symbols.  I also make a habit of changing my important passwords at least once over 4 to 6 months.  I even created a spreadsheet and calendar reminders so I don’t forget.  Hackers work hard, so we must work smart. 

There are so many other services and guarantees that LifeLock offers.  Follow LifeLock on Twitter for updates on the dangerous underworld of identity theft.

Have you ever had your identity stolen or credit misused?  Please share your stories and how LifeLock could help.

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