Have you Smelled the Flowers Lately?

by Notorious Spinks on 10.09.2012

As a kid I never really understood the term “Spring Forward, Fall Back.”  However, these days I love to fall back because I know cooler weather is on the horizon, shorter days are here (yes I enjoy my long nights) and beautiful leaves will cover the ground in various hues of red, brown and orange.

Reflecting on my life, I realize just how important the seasons are.  More today than yesterday, I pause often to soak in every moment and smell the flowers, literally.  These days it’s even normal to see me with a bouquet of flowers, one for my mom’s grave and one for me.  The bouquet I purchase for myself goes on a little table in the office and it reminds me to breath…even when its hard…even when tears are falling…Inhale it all just to exhale.

Fall flowers

While searching for fall flowers from Teleflora, I realized that since I purchase flowers on a regular basis now I also pay more attention to the variations available each season.  In the spring and summer I’ve come to love pink and red tulips mixed with red roses and my favorite fall flowers are orange lilies and peach carnations.

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Whatever your favorite flower is, take the time to pause, close your eyes and just inhale.  Take it all in, one breath and one moment at a time.  One day you’ll even look back and thank yourself for it.

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