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I’m Attending Show Me The Blog 2012

by Notorious Spinks on 10.16.2012

It has been a minute since I traveled to an event and I’m so excited to travel to St. Louis this weekend for Show Me the Blog social media and blogging conference.  This is the third year for the conference and it’s growing each year.

Show Me the Blog Conference in St. Louis

I’m looking forward to seeing many of the bloggers who I know via social media and others who I know from other conferences and events.  However, I think what I’m most excited about is going to Sweetie Pie’s.  Now if I can meet Ms. Robbie that would be awesome.  She reminds me so much of my Madear, full of spunk and shooting it straight from the hip.

If you’re in the St. Louis area, it’s not too late to register so join me.


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  • How was it? I’ve never been to a blogging event. I really need to make it happen.

  • Have fun! I’ve never heard of this conference before.

  • Hope you have fun!

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