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Is Checking the Time on your Phone Rude?

by Notorious Spinks on 10.16.2012

Every year I purchase a Christmas gift just for me.  It’s my reminder to celebrate me.  This year I’m eying watches and I’ve seen quite a few I like.  The one I currently have my eye on now is a part of the Thomas Sabo jewellery line.

Now the reason I’m getting a watch is because I use my phone for everything, even to tell time.  According to an article I read a few days ago, it’s rude to pull out your phone while in a meeting to check the time.  It looks more polite when you look at your watch.

Is using a cell phone to check the time rude

Who knew?

So you mean that I’ve been looking unprofessional in meetings when I pull out my cell phone to tell the time?  I thought I was just staying on schedule…on task.  You see I find it unprofessional when meetings go past our the allotted time.  Chop! Chop!

However, I’m always conscious to put my best foot forward and image is everything so I’m breaking down and getting two watches.  I need a silver one and a gold one.  That way I will have one to wear with all my outfits since my outfits are either silver and black or earth tones.  Yes, so predictable.

Spinkys do you wear watches or do you use your phone to check the time?  What do you think about cell phone checking as unprofessional?

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  • Isn’t it rude to check the time when you’re with someone period? Might as well be rude with whatever is most convenient. LOL.

  • I use my cell phone for the time too, but I think if people check their phone OR watch, it can sometimes be construed as rude. You can’t win!

  • I guess I can understand why they may think it’s slightly ruder to check a cell phone. They may think someone is checking for missed calls and/or texts. As for watches, I hardly wear one. 🙂

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