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Tech Talk: Using SEO to Gain Exposure

by Notorious Spinks on 10.16.2012

Blogging for many bloggers has become a business as opposed to a hobby.  It takes dedication and hard-work to make an actual living from it.  One of the areas I’m looking to improve in is SEO (search engine optimization).  Just like anything, there is an art to everything even blogging.

Handwritten SEO Flow Chart

We often hear the saying, “Content is King,”  and it is definitely true.  Content managers spends countless hours researching the appropriate key terms to get them or their clients to the top of the search engines.  Companies even pay big money for this luxury and in a society where Google is a verb, I must admit that the investment is well worth it.

My first step toward a more SEO friendly blog is researching how to determine which key words are best to use.  I know enough about the Internet to know that some companies already have some key words on lock down.  This makes the work a little harder but now I’m looking at it as honing my craft so that writing SEO strong content is like second nature to me.

In addition, I’m noticing that more companies are hiring SEO companies to do the work for them.  Too bad my budget doesn’t allow me that luxury but imagine if it did.  Anyhow, for now I’m going to keep on reading up on ways to strengthen my content and work toward my goal of becoming more “Googlable.”

Are you SEO conscious when writing?  How did you learn your techniques?


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  • I need to learn more about SEO.

  • I really need to get better about SEO, especially on blogger.

  • SEO is so important/

  • I need to take control and really think about SEO when I post. I’m SO bad at it.

  • I am really trying to learn SEO better!!!

  • I need to learn how to do this myself, but have no time so I have to hire someone. Sad… but I guess I would rather have someone do it, and then I have time to do other things like blog and make money 🙂

  • I SEO each and every post. I use scribe in wordpress to help evaluate my work and it helps a lot. My #1 thing that I do is use the same SEO keywords in the title, in the first 2 sentences of the post, in headers, and in photo captions. I get more than 1/2 my daily hits from search traffic. You are doing the right thing.

  • I don’t worry as much as I should about SEO. It’s gonna one of the things I work on more in the New Year.

  • I am trying to go through old posts and seo them. Another of the many items on my blogging to do list.

  • I am trying to work on it by reading tips to help me.

  • I try to make sure I’m seo conscience I think my posts do pretty good

  • Keywords are my down fall I wold love to pay someone to come SEO my whole blog even though I do try to use it every post.

  • This is something I am always wondering if I am doing right. I have found reading about it helps.

  • I know a bit and try to use it in my writing, however I want to get a better grip so I can really see the difference.

  • I have to admit that I’ve really never consciously thought of SEO, but seem to have a natural knack for it. Even from the very beginning when I had ab.so.lute.ly no idea what I was doing. However, I really need to learn how to do it better. 🙂

  • I don’t always remember to SEO

  • SEO is something that I’m trying to understand. I find this a huge challenge but since I am new to blogging, I’m okay with not knowing everything! I’ve only been seriously blogging for a few weeks, and I know it takes times and a lot of hard work. I’m in for the long run.

  • I’ve been working at making my posts more SEO friendly for the past 6 months or so. I’ve seen a little difference but I’m hoping as I learn more the results will come.

  • I wish I was better at remembering SEO while I was writing. I have some plugins to help but none that really help with the actual words I’m writing!

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