Getting Your Kids To Try New Foods

by Notorious Spinks on 10.30.2012

Kids learn to love sugary and un-healthy foods at a very young age. Parents find it hard to get them to eat anything healthy. They often run away from healthy foods like vegetables, fish etc. Every parent wants their kids to eat something healthy. Today, you’ll learn how to increase the taste-buds of your kids beyond the food-groups they love.

Don’t rush new foods

Kids are new-food photic. You should experiment healthy meals on them at the right time. Take it slow. Don’t force your kid in eating something new or healthy. If he/she says no, then wait for another day or two rather than trying again at the same time. You can also tell them their favorite cartoon or movie character eats the same food, and it may inspire them to eat the meal as well.

Focus on a food group that has variety

There are certain good groups that don’t allow you to make healthy meals in variety. However, food groups like sea food and vegetables can give you a lot of options to try out. For example, tuna vegetable pasta can be made, since kids like eating pasta.

Involve the kids in their school lunch

If you know how to make easy lunches, you can always involve your children in the meal preparation. They are more interested in eating the lunch they created themselves. Give them healthy fruit and vegetable options for the ingredients, and let them mix these ingredients themselves.

Explain them the benefits of healthy foods

If by some chance your kid listens to you while you explain them the benefit of eating healthy foods, he/she may change their heating habits to make you proud as a parent. Try to make it seem that you are overly in love with a certain kind of food so that your child will want to eat the same thing. Although there is a high chance that this is not going to work, you can always give it a try.

Promise your kids treats

You can always try to promise your kids a treat. For example, you can promise them their favorite chocolate ice cream if they properly finish off their tuna sandwich every day. This is going to motivate the kids to eat the sandwich, as they would have something to look forward to.

Act as a role model

You can always be the role model for your children. When they look at your healthy eating habits, they are likely to wonder why my Dad or Mom always eats that particular meal. They may start eating the meals themselves.

These are some of the ways you can incorporate healthy meals in the diet of your children.

How do you get your kids to eat healthy meals?

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