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Tech Talk: Kids and the Internet: Filtering & Monitoring #giveaway

by Notorious Spinks on 11.28.2012

As kids grow up, the question arises as to how to introduce them to the world of the Internet. Letting our children loose online is a worry, especially for those of use who know the dangers and inappropriate materials that lurk around the digital corner. That begin said, everyone wants the best start in life for their kids, and computer literacy (and internet literacy) is an important skill for children to learn.

Teaching kids basic computer skills is reasonably easy; there are a ton of applications available that combine games and education, that are perfect for introducing kids to the world of computers. But when it comes to the unrestricted world of the internet, a few more problems present themselves. Thankfully, there are a range of applications that make parents lives a little easier when faced with this task. Those applications come in two categories: Filtering & Monitoring.

When first introducing kids to the internet, the filtering category applies. Parental control software, as it’s also known, will filter and block questionable websites and pages. The software works by scanning a page before it’s shown for adult material. Adult material gets judged on a range of alert keywords and will block anything to do with pornography, profanity, gambling, alcohol, drugs, hate speech and a huge amount more. Parental control software is perfect for parents with children of a younger age. You can introduce kids to child friendly websites, without the worry of them straying into unknown territory.

The second category of software that helps with this problem is the ‘monitoring’ category. Computer Monitoring Software can be installed on a computer and secretly records and monitors everything that happens on that computer. Everything from which applications have been used, to which websites have been visited, to what’s been typed in those applications and websites will be recorded. Screenshots will also be taken periodically so you can see exactly what the user sees on screen.

Computer Monitoring Software can be great when used in conjunction with Parental Control Software. But as kids get older they’ll of course, at some point, want the freedom to use the internet without restrictions. At this point, Computer Monitoring Software is a great way to keep an eye on their activities without being too overbearing. The logs can be viewed in private by logging into the software with a secret key combination and password, or by receiving the logs via email to look over from a different location.

Computer Monitoring Software has a wide range of uses and most will run in complete stealth, meaning you won’t see the application running in the task manager or see any sign of it in the start menu, the add/remove programs list, the program files directory or anywhere else you’d find most common applications.

Using applications like these is a great way to take the worry out of introducing children to the digital world, without having to look over their shoulders every 5 seconds. If you’d like to download a free trial of Computer Monitoring Software with all of the features mentioned above, head to http://www.geckomonitor.com

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  • I definitely filter and monitor everything my kids do online everyday. They are also not aloud to use the computer unless they are in a public area of the house. Too much trouble to get into online.

  • It’s scary to think about what kids can come across on the internet. Good thing there are resources like this to help.

  • It’s comforting to know that there are companies to help us protect our sanity and our children as they surf the net!

  • I am thinking of using some sort of monitoring on the computer my kids use.

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