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Entertainment Talk: @KevinHart4Real Presents … Should I Go Real or Fake

by Notorious Spinks on 12.03.2012

Kevin Hart is one of the funniest comedians around.  When he hits the stage, there are nothing but laughs.  Check out the video by Kevin Hart and Verizon to see if he’ll be going real or fake this year.

What about you, real or fake?

Share your choice on Twitter using the hashtag, #ihartholidays

This post is brought to you by Verizon but all opinions are my own.

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  • HA!!! He wraps like me

  • Fake tree hands down and has to be pre-lit!

  • We do a fake tree every year.

  • Both hubs and I grew up only having real trees every year, however, we do fake due to fear of a fire hazard in our relentlessly dry desert.

  • I almost always do fake because the tree is already paid for and there’s no dead pine needles to clean up or ants attracted to sap!

  • I like being able to put mine up early and take it down after Jan. 1st, so a fake one works best with me. Besides, less mess… one year doing a real tree was enough for me. 🙂

  • Ha, I love real trees. They’re not that much work to clean up.

  • We have a fake tree! I’m allergic to the real ones and not too thrilled with all those pesticides!

  • I prefer fake b/c I only have to buy a tree once every so many years 🙂

  • cute! but we have to be a fake tree family, I am highly allergic to trees and can’t breathe with real ones!

  • I love a real tree but a fake one is easier to deal with…the smell of a real one is awesome though 🙂

  • He is pretty funny. 🙂

  • Box, tree, unpack, done! I agree with him.

  • Honestly, I’ve never had a real tree before, I thought of getting one but they look a little too messy for me.

  • Ha ha! Love it! We love a real tree too!

  • I think fake trees are much easier.

  • I picked up my real tree last weekend. I love real, but fake is WAY easier.

  • When I was younger we always had a real tree and then all of a sudden that stopped. My husband and I currently have a fake tree but I told him that if I compromise and move up north then we will forever have a real tree even though he doesn’t like them.

  • I think I did a real tree twice, but never again. Too much maintenance with a real one!

  • Definitely real. Never had a fake one and probably won’t.

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