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Chupa Chups Announce Release of Limited Edition Precious Stone Lollipops

by Notorious Spinks on 04.01.2014


Last week I told you all about Antonio Lorenzo, the teenage boy who found a million dollar lollipop. As I told you, he opened the wrapper and came face-to-face with an uncut diamond…the biggest diamond he had ever seen. Needless to say, I was in awe when I got a press release from Chupa Chups, the lollipop company, stating that they were releasing limited edition precious stone lollipops into worldwide distribution.

Just imagine the next time you unwrap a Chupa Chups lollipop, you could be in possession of a 50-carat emerald, sapphire or ruby stone that will make you hundreds of thousands of dollars richer. Now, I would love that ruby for myself…since my birth month is July and all. Just imagine…these babies are in various places all across the world.

According to Chupa Chups:

The limited edition lollipops  – made of entirely of emerald, ruby, sapphire, diamond and giant black pearl – all shaped and priced as an original Chupa Chups – have been distributed randomly across the world as part of a marketing campaign to surprise and delight customers everywhere.

Chupa Chups has released a total of 1 of each of these gemstone lollipops into their worldwide distribution.

I still can’t believe this… but Chupa Chups Chief Marketing Officer, Marco DiPaula confirmed that the campaign began last month with the first gemstone lollipop found in Argentina.  I know the unsuspecting customer had to be flabbergasted…

“You may ask why Chupa Chups has decided to do this. Well, just imagine if the next person who happens to be lucky enough to uncover a precious gem stone is you,” Mr. DiPaulo said.

According to representatives at the company, this campaign will run until all the gemstones are found … 

I don’t know about you, but if I found a lollipop that turned me into an instant thousandnaire I would pass out before I went to see the appraiser. Then I’d create my wish list because mama needs a computer to start.

Good luck! I hope we find one of these babies…I’m sure trying.

What are your favorite gemstones flavored lollipops?

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  • ang

    I’m not sure if this is brilliant or bizarre… lol
    Thanks for sharing though – I’m loving your site 🙂

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