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Take a 4th of July Hike with Kamino

by Notorious Spinks on 07.04.2014


The 4th of July is here so let the celebration begin. Families across the country are traveling to visit family and celebrate the holiday. However, if you’re like me then you just want to stay home. I’m fresh from a trip from New York City that has me a little under the weather and tired. However, I can’t stay in the house for the 4th of July, so we’re taking a hike. It’s time to celebrate!

Nashville is the Honky Tonk capital and the capital of Tennessee. It’s nothing for my friends and I to take a short ride to partake in holiday activities or to just chill. We’re always looking for something to do and Kamino is a great tool to find the hidden gems in Nashville and other cities across the country.


I’ve tested out Kamino for the week to see what the app has to offer and I love it. The app is awesome for finding hikes on the whim and who doesn’t love a new spot…especially one that you’ve overlooked. Although I travel to Nashville often, I’m always looking for something new and interesting. Not to mention, the built-in GPS sytem in the app works well. The awesome thing is that you can add your own hike for others to explore. If you know where all the hot-spots are then head over to Kamino and let us know…I want to go, too!

While looking for a great hike in Nashville, we decided to go with the Germantown Culinary Tour. Why? Umm, because I we like to eat…good food. As many times as I have been to downtown Nashville, I’ve never noticed the Germantown Cafe or The Cupcake Collection featured in this tour. There’s even a farmer’s market along the way. In total there are six stops along an average of 1.6 miles. Great for hanging out with friends or you boo. So guess what? We’re taking this hike because the coconut curry salmon and red velvet cupcakes are a must have this go-round.

More so, I love this app because users have the ability to go in and add local attractions and share the best hikes in town. And these hikes can be tailored to feature dog-friendly routes, kid-friendly restaurants or just girls night out spots. All these features and more make Kamino a great travel companion and staycation tool when you’re looking for hikes in your own backyard.

Head over to Kamino’s website to find out more about this awesome app and then download Kamino it in the iTunes app store. Another great feature I love about Kamino is that i can customize my hikes in the app or on the desktop. The flexibility is good when you don’t want to peck on the phone for long periods of time.

So go ahead and check it out. Join the community and customize your first hike then drop it in the comments below. Did I mention the app is free? Yep, it’s FREE!

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  • This is a really cool idea for an app! We love exploring our city, but often find ourselves riding around aimlessly hoping to run into something! I’ll check this out!

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