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Low Cost #Phones4School with @Walmart Family Mobile #shop

by Notorious Spinks on 07.28.2014


What time is it? It’s time to get wild and loose those back to school supplies!  But seriously, I love back to school time. As a lifelong student (don’t judge me), I’m always buying notebooks, index cards, and pretty pens. But most importantly, as a full-time graduate student, my tech game has to be up to par. So, it’s only right that I treat myself to a new cell phone, right?

cheap-wireless-plans-walmart--shopNow, I previously told y’all about the cheap wireless plans available from Walmart via Walmart Family Mobile. I love the service, but I really love that there is no annual contract for unlimited talk text and data/web plans. Yes, unlimited means that there are no overage charges, ever and it was no big deal when my niece asked to have my last phone. I passed the awesomeness on to her. As a high school senior, I’m sure she will get her money’s worth because she’s always texting, video chatting and talking.

surprise-mom-with-a-cheap-wireless-plan-sponAs we all know, Walmart is known for their rollback savings. It’s like when Auntie Oprah says, “You get a car! You get a car! And, you get a car!” Well, not quite but you get the gist.  I was uber-geeked when I found out that I could buy the Alcatel One Touch Evolve smartphone for $29.88 (the regular price is $79.88) and the Walmart Family Mobile unlimited talk text and data/web service has been decreased from $39.88 to $34.88 for a limited time.

Walmart-Family-Mobile-service-review- shop(Our local store hadn’t changed the prices, yet. Confirm price with store staff.)

This term I’m taking Environmental Law and I love that I can use the Alcatel One Touch Evolve to keep track of my class assignments with due dates. I also use the Internet to look up quick facts and details when I’m working on a paper. Am I the only who gets sidetracked while trying to work? Well, I deleted all social media apps but they are available to be installed so you can stay connected. walmart

This smartphone will make a great inexpensive back to school gift for the student in your life and not to mention the cheap wireless plans to choose from. Also, while browsing the Walmart Family Mobile site, I realized that they offer discounts for people with low incomes and/or get government assistance (varies per area whether you qualify).

Feel free to join the conversation online with the hashtags #Phones4School and #CollectiveBias and see what all the buzz is about. If you want to see if Walmart Family Mobile service is available in your area, check out the website.

Will your student(s) be getting new cell phones this term? How does Walmart Family Mobile services compare to your current mobile plan? What would you do with the money saved each month with this service?

Please share!

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  • Love your pictures and love how any student can totally love these phones!

  • Wow. I haven’t heard of this plan yet. Thank you for sharing this. It’s a great price.

  • Families can definitely Save money on cell phone plans with this.

  • if i was going to buy a phone 😀

  • I’m sure keeping yourself accountable this semester will make things run a lot smoother. #client

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