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Join @Walgreens in the Fight to Save Children’s Lives #shop #giveashot

by Notorious Spinks on 08.06.2014


As children grow up, we realize that we can’t protect them from everything. We try hard to hold on to those days when they cling to us, need us and demand our presence. We pray for them, over them and with them. All the while, they continue to grow and our tears begin to flow more frequently. I like to call them, the separation tears. You know those tears that flow when we celebrate their birthdays and realize they’re about to be tweens, as they get their immunizations in preparation for kindergarten and when they demand you give them their space…no more pet names and sugar smacks (kisses).


Last Sunday, we gathered at my besties’ house for TJ’s birthday party and I thought about how blessed we are. Yes, he’s getting older, becoming more independent, but most importantly, he’s healthy. Honestly, I can’t imagine not living in America and not having access to the life-saving immunizations that are available to all Americans, especially American children. According to Shot@Life, a United Nations initiative, one in five children outside of the United States doesn’t have access to immunizations that can save their lives. This is my problem. This is your problem. This is a public health disparity that is all of our problem.

immunizations-help-us-have-healthy-children-shopchildren-can-play-together-when-vaccinated-shopWe feel safer knowing that all of our children have been vaccinated from avoidable diseases.

I was excited when #Collective Bias chose me as one of the bloggers to share the Get a Shot. Give a Shot® program sponsored by Walgreens. Not only can you get your back to school supplies at your local Walgreens, but you can take your children in for their required vaccines. No appointment is need and most insurance is accepted (call ahead to check). More so, every time you get an immunization for your kid(s) at Walgreens, you are teaching them to pay it forward at an early age. For every child that gets vaccinated, Walgreens donates a shot to a needy child. It’s a win, win!

shot-at-life-get-a-shot-give-a-shot-shopCurrently, the Ebola virus is grabbing headlines but there will always be something. It is our job as parents to protect our children and do our best to protect our neighbor’s children, even our neighbors who are thousands of miles away. It’s our humane duty and it’s important that we have these important conversations with our children. As our global economy expands, our children will travel to these places, do business in these countries and this is our opportunity to teach them the importance of giving back and caring for one another. It’s my desire that all children get the chance to celebrate their birthdays.

spiderman-birthday-ice-cream-cake-shopIt really does take a village, and thanks to Walgreens and the Get a Shot. Give a Shot® program we all can do our part.

Do you discuss immunizations with your children? If so, how do you make it digestible for them?

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  • Thank you for spreading this important message! #client

  • None of my boys have never really been bad about shots, so that was lucky. I have never seen these video game buses before, but I know my boys would go crazy if one was here. What a great campaign!

  • My daughter started Kindergarten. She totally freaked out about the shots. She loves Doc McStuffins but it’s hard to explain to them at a young age why they need to be poked.

  • I’ve heard of those rolling video game buses. Super cool too bad we don’t have them here in the country. Glad to see Walgreens is helping to keep children safe and healthy.

  • I talk to the kids about their immunizations, and it also helps the little ones that we have shows like Doc Mcstuffins as well. We do a delayed schedule of immunizations, so they don’t get overwhelmed, and even though I homeschool the bottom three, I don’t want them getting or passing on anything that would be detrimental to others.

  • I never thought about getting my shots there. I love that it helps children though. I will have to see about that.

  • I feel that immunizations are important for the kiddies. On a side note, that rolling bus of video games is really cool!

  • What a great cause! I usually have my kids vaccinated at the doctors but this is pretty neat!

  • I know that the subject of vaccinations can be controversial, but one must admit that many health issues and diseases have come a long, long way, thanks to vaccinations. 🙂

  • Yes, we do using simple and relatable words that they can understand.

  • What a wonderful campaign. I was just at Walgreens picking up supplies a couple of days ago.

  • I have discussed immunizations with my daughter. She honestly has never cared if she got one or not. She says that they don’t hurt.

  • Vaccinations are SOOOOOO important and I love that they have this program. What a great way to make sure the kids get the immunizations they need and have a little fun, too!

  • I love that they continue to do this program. It’s doing a lot of good. I know I get my shots there so I can help out.

  • I agree with vaccinations, however, I never let them give my kids more than 2 or 3. And if one shot has like 3 or more THAT IS ALL they can do at one time. I think doing so many at once is a HUGE problem!

  • Funny, we just went to the doc last night and my youngest got a few of their vaccs…. we delay, so it wasn’t many, but we do get them. 🙂

  • Vaccinations are so important. Not only for your kids but for others around you too.

  • I’ve never heard of this program before – thanks, I’m going to have to look into it 😀

  • I believe in vaccinations. I did not discuss immunizations with my kids. When they came due for them they got them, no discussion about it.

  • You hear good and bad, but I think the good outweighs the bad here – like stopping the spreading of horrible diseases.

  • I love this program. I think it is so great that it supports children getting the immunizations they need.

  • Hmmmm you know, I never talked to my boys about their immunizations, it was just something we did. Good idea to have a conversation about it. That rolling video truck looks awesome! We’ll have to look into that for my boys.

  • This is SUCH a great program! Glad to see someone thought about doing GOOD!

  • I am a nurse and have talked to my kids about vaccinations for as long as they remember. They know the importance of them, especially after their little sister became very ill and now suffers possible immunity issues. I love that Walgreens is doing this very special campaign to help others.

  • Misty Battle

    Yeah for walgreens! This is such a great program. I love companies that give back. I shop there more often.

  • Vaccinations are really important. Sadly not all the children are able to get safe vaccinations that are reliable.

  • Vaccines are such a hot topic in certain circles right now. I have to admit, I thought about not vaccinating my son when he was born but decided to go with an alternative shot schedule that spreads out the shots more.

  • You know actually I haven’t had any immunization conversations with Jake and he’s 17!

  • My dad contracted shingles and, as a result, lost his hearing. It was so emotional watching him suffer. I can’t imagine seeing the same thing happen to a child, especially when there are the vaccines available to prevent illnesses.

  • Val

    Yes, thanks so much to bringing this to our attention. There are Kiwanis clubs all over the world also who are helping to spread this message in developing countries for all children to be immunized. More folks need to know that what we take for granted is not accessible by so many more.

  • Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    That is such an awesome program. Kudos to Walgreens!

  • I immunize my children but on a delayed schedule. 🙂

  • We do discuss immunizations with our kids. Mostly because I think they deserve to know why we are giving them a shot. Shots hurt but we do it for a very important reason.

  • Thank you for sharing this important message! #client

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