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Recap of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Tournament #ATTPROAM #ATTBLOGGER

by Notorious Spinks on 02.25.2015


Last week AT&T celebrated its 30th year as title sponsor of the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Tournament. As usual, the event was successful in raising more than $120 million for charitable organizations. However, in addition to supporting these organizations, AT&T made this year’s tournament extra special by giving four special golf fans the opportunity to see what happens when the cameras are not live; the “Fan’s Eye View.”


These fans are Katie Horsford, Dan McLaughlin, Tiffany Fitzgerald and Tim Lang. If you’ve been following along and I’m sure you have, then you know I’ve shared more about these awesome individuals and what makes them special in two previous posts. Yes, they all come from very different walks of life, but golf is the common denominator that brings their newfound friendship full circle. That’s why I love sports. It has the power to help build and mend relationships with people from various cultures, generations and socioeconomic levels. It showcases how we’re alike and it’s exactly what it did for these fans. You can see more of the great time they had in this video below and the experiences they walked away with.

I’ve watched many golf tournaments from the comfort of my home or via a sports channel app on my cell or tablet, but this year is the first year I felt apart of the magic. I felt like I was there celebrating these milestones with them. As I followed the #ATTPROAM hashtag and stalked the Twitter accounts of the fans (psst, you can still follow them), @BlackGirlsGolf,@TheDanPlan,@KTHorsford and @TimLangGolf, I was able to feel more like a participate as opposed to just a spectator or fan. These guys did an awesome job of keeping us abreast of what was happening with their HTC devices on the AT&T network. I loved catching clips and pictures of them visiting and giving back to the Veteran’s Transition Center and later taking selfies with celebs who were there to do their part in giving back. Yes, to whom much is given, much is required. These fans did awesome jobs of storytelling and making many of us feel like we right there with them.

veterans-transition-center-att-proam-adPhoto via Black Girls Golf on Twitter

Although the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Tournament has concluded, you can still use the #ATTPROAM and #ATTBLOGGER hashtags to recap the magic. There were so many celebrities and well-known people on the course. I’m still drooling over seeing Condi Rice. Yes, I’m such a fan. But, I’m not alone. You can also see pics of AT&T golf ambassador and Katie’s favorite, pro-golfer Jordan Spieth. She was drooling, too. 🙂

Jordan-spieth-at-pebble-beach-proam-adPhoto via Katie Horsfold on Twitter

What celebs did you spot on the course? Who was your favorite?

We’d like to thank AT&T for partnering with us to celebrate their 30th year as title sponsor of the #ATTPROAM. Here’s to three decades and counting. #ATTBLOGGER

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