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1st Quarter Check In: My First Digital Product

by Notorious Spinks on 06.30.2016


We’re officially down to the last six months of the year. Whew! Where did the time go?

In full transparency, I have to admit that I’m slacking. I haven’t met all of my 1st and 2nd quarter goals, but I haven’t quit. Procrastination as a result of fear, self-doubt and perfectionism have dealt me some heavy blows. Not to mention, the struggles that come with everyday life, family deaths, etc. But, I ain’t quit, though! You can’t quit either. We’re in it to win it, baby!

In spite of not hitting all my goals, I did win at one thing. I completed my first product, The Ultimate Social Media Productivity System for Entrepreneurs. This product has been in the works for months, but procrastination… However, you can get it now via the Blogging Concentrated 2016 Stack.



I’m so honored to be included in this stack along with 64 others digital bosses making -ish happen in these Internet streets. I love that this stack was specially crafted for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to take their business to the next level in 2016 and beyond.



Now, don’t sleep on this stack. It is only on sale until July 1st. This is more than $4K worth of products for $27. A steal.The Ultimate Social Media Productivity System for Entrepreneurs is $97 as a stand alone product. Again, don’t sleep on this. Take your business to the next level today!




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  • I actually purchased this and have been going through it all weekend. It was a great collection of tips and tricks for bloggers!

  • blm03

    I totally need this. What a great price!

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    This is amazing. I will have to check it out for myself. I love to get a good deal.

  • Lori Felix

    Congratulations on defeating procrastination and finishing your product. $27 was a great deal. My procrastination caused me to miss it

  • Jennifer Borget

    Awesome deal! Definitely will be looking more into this and sharing it with friends!

  • This is awesome and congrats on getting this together! You’re doing really great, keep up the good work.

  • Maggie Branch

    This is a really great deal! THank you for sharing this with us and congratulations to you on completing your product!

  • Kelly Hutchinson

    What a great offer. I will definitely be sharing this with friends who I know can benefit from it.

  • MyTeenGuide

    Congrats on completing your products. This is an amazing offer for those who are looking to boost their social media. I will look more into this.

  • adriana nudo

    This is a really great deal! And perfect timing with a new month starting – I think it’s definitely something to look into, so thank you for sharing this! -Kendall

  • Amanda Simkin

    Wow, this sounds like an amazing deal for anyone who really wants to make a statement with their social media. I will definitely be looking into this as part of my July growth goal.

  • Eileen Mendoza Loya

    Wow. with a deal like that, it is almost free! I will have to look into this. It is my dream to make it big in blogging!

  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That is an amazing deal! There is so much fantastic information there. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Sounds like a great sale for those who need sm productivity. It’s all mind boggling to me although I know I should learn more about ways to incorporate SM into my blog.

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