Sinus and allergy season is in full-swing. It seems that many of the people I know are suffering from sinus drainage, allergy and asthma attacks, and the season has just started. Like millions of others, I suffer from sinus and allergy problems and according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, patients have already […]


One of my favorite foods is pizza. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, hot or cold. I just love me some pizza. On Wednesday, I got to see what happens behind the scenes at Papa Murphy’s Pizza. You know, where the magic happens, where the pizza gods commune and all that good stuff. […]


This June will mark the third anniversary since my mom passed and it’s still hard to bear sometimes. However, because of my loss I have a renewed respect for the mother-daughter relationship. This relationship tends to be unique, not always perfect, but worth it in the long run to nurture and cultivate. That’s where Walmart […]


Dear Fear, I Quit You!

by Notorious Spinks on 05.02.2014

Dear Fear, I QUIT YOU! Truth be told, you’ve been lurking around here too long. Because of you, I have failed to accomplish many of the goals I set for myself. You make me feel… unworthy. When you show up I start to second guessing my plans, my abilities, my being… But if I’m honest, […]


Can You Keep a Secret®? Stress Stinks! #spon

by Notorious Spinks on 05.01.2014

Stress. I can hear myself saying at least once daily, “I’m stressed out.” Honestly, I am. As a full-time graduate student, blogger, and entrepreneur, things can get crazy. I mean they are crazy. But, as spring tip-toes her way in, I am increasing my time outdoors. I am walking two days a week for my […]


My days are long and I start early. As a full-time graduate student, entrepreneur, aunt and blogger, my days are jam-packed with work. I have ‘school’ work. I have ‘pay the bills’ work. I have ‘Auntie ‘Londa’ work. I work, baby! That’s why my morning coffee is a must have. However, there is nothing like […]


As a young girl, I always dreamed of visiting Harlem. Coming from a single parent home, I remember falling in love with the works of Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Wallace Thurman and Claude McKaye wishing I were there with them. I wanted to walk the streets of Harlem with these literary geniuses, have intense […]


Last week I told you all about Antonio Lorenzo, the teenage boy who found a million dollar lollipop. As I told you, he opened the wrapper and came face-to-face with an uncut diamond…the biggest diamond he had ever seen. Needless to say, I was in awe when I got a press release from Chupa Chups, […]

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My health is important to me, but the last six months have been hard. Starting in August 2013, I started working out. I was in beast mode and I would walk on the treadmill daily. I also added some lunges and stomach crunches in. I was going hard, but then pneumonia hit me with an […]


What Does a Million Dollar Lollipop Look Like?

by Notorious Spinks on 03.28.2014

National Lollipop Day isn’t until July, but what wold you do if you came across a lollipop worth $1 million dollars? Yes, you read it right… a million dollar lollipop, baby. Well Antonio Lorenzo, a typical teenage boy on his way to meet his friends, stopped by the store to get a lollipop and did […]

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