Beauty Talk: Beauty Tips on Budget


I have always been the type to make sure I was never unkempt, regardless of my budget. After I graduated high school and started college, I had to learn that there were some different ways of staying beautiful without going to a hair or waxing salon on a tight budget. With some trial and error, […]

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Tech Talk: New iPad App Makes Potty Training Fun and Interactive


Potty training for many children allows them to do a “grown-up” thing.  They get to sit on the toilet like mommy and daddy and listen to the sound that goes “tinkle-tinkle.”  However, for many families potty training can also become very difficult.  Let’s face it, some children learn quickly and others not so quickly.  With […]

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Success Talk: Four Degrees for 2013 and Beyond


When it comes to furthering one’s education, it’s important that you look into the future and really research what your degree can do for you in the long run.  Although it’s important that students study something they’re ultimately interested in, it’s vital that they choose degrees that can offset the costs of student loans and […]

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Finance Talk: Set Yourself Up for Successful Savings


Saving for the future is something that most of us think we’ll have time to do “later.” While it is true that it is never too late to start saving for the unknown, it is also true that the sooner you start saving, the better off you will be when the unexpected happens (or when […]

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Finance Talk: In For the Count


Numeracy is a skill every child should have. It will help them out later in life, whether it’s for the weekly shop, calculating their taxes or working out how much fuel they need to buy for their car. Learning maths is essential from an early age, but it can be boring for them at times. […]

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Tech Talk: Kids and the Internet: Filtering & Monitoring #giveaway


As kids grow up, the question arises as to how to introduce them to the world of the Internet. Letting our children loose online is a worry, especially for those of use who know the dangers and inappropriate materials that lurk around the digital corner. That begin said, everyone wants the best start in life […]

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How to Stay Safe this Thanksgiving


Thursday will officially start the holiday season for those of use celebrating Thanksgiving.  It’s also the eve of the biggest shopping day of the year too.  And guess what?  There just may be someone watching you haul all those goodies in. You’ve probably made your lists (plural) for all the stores you’ll stop by along […]

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Considering Child Health


Ensuring that their child is healthy and happy is a top priority for most parents.  While this goal may sound easy to achieve and pragmatic, considering child health and welfare is a much bigger challenge than many may think.  It is important to think about health care for children right from the start.  This will […]

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Have you Smelled the Flowers Lately?


As a kid I never really understood the term “Spring Forward, Fall Back.”  However, these days I love to fall back because I know cooler weather is on the horizon, shorter days are here (yes I enjoy my long nights) and beautiful leaves will cover the ground in various hues of red, brown and orange. […]

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Traveling with Bossy Kids #culturellekids


Goo is bossy, already.  She knows what she wants and how she wants it.  The only good thing is that she will at least compromise, sometimes.   With me knowing how specific she is, I listen to her because she will correct me.  For instance, she informed me that she wanted to go to the beach.  […]

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