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Sherman Hemsley (1938 – 2012) B.K.A. ‘George Jefferson’, Dead at 74


 Sherman Hemsley, known best for his starring role in “The Jeffersons,” is dead at age 74. Thanks Sherman for bringing the funny to our lives!

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Courts Rule Against Twitter


When I think about the justice system in America, I cringe.  I don’t trust her and rarely is she blind. As a result, I wasn’t surprised when Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Matthew A. Sciarrino Jr. ordered Twitter to release three months’ worth of tweets belonging to Occupy Wall Street protester, Malcolm Harris. This case stemmed […]

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Bloggers in midst of Earthquake & Tsunami


You’ve probably slept the night away while others of us were glued to the television. Just in case you haven’t heard, Japan was hit by an earthquake and then a tsunami.  The earthquake came across at 8.8 (Japan prediction) to 8.9 (U.S. prediction). You can probably turn to CNN or MSNBC  and see live footage […]

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Movie Review: The gRace Card: When Grace is Racist


Today was supposed to be a great day… Yesterday evening I called my big sister and told her about this new movie coming out, The Grace Card.  I carried on about it starring Louis Gossett Jr. (phenomenal actor), the Memphis tie and all that.  The Grace Card is said to be the work of Memphian […]

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Social Media Saturday: Twitter quit UberTwitter


Yesterday I got a tweet on my Blackberry: UberTwitter, twidroyd, and UberCurrent have been suspended due to policy violations.  Read more here: http://t/cp/HHGa9k1 Then about 30 minutes later I got a  tweet that read: Want to keep using Twitter on your phone?  Download an official Twitter client here: http://t.co/3yaeG82 I was confused.  Suspended???  Where they […]

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