Entertainment Talk: Kevin Hart Talks Batteries


I’m pretty sure that battery makers make the most profit at Christmas.  It seems that every toy on the shelf requires a battery these days.  And it never fails that I’m P.O.’ed about it.  I bet the toy companies hook up with the battery companies to create this conspiracy…calling Olivia Pope to investigate.  Nope, it’s […]

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Entertainment Talk: Preparing for the Holiday with Ice Age 4 #time4family #cbias


The holidays are quickly approaching and the kids are out of school.  This time of year always leaves us scrambling for things to do with the children.  However, last night we decided to enjoy a movie night to celebrate the release of Ice Age 4 on DVD.  We are movie hoarders at my house so […]

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Entertainment Talk: Kevin Hart To Purchase an Elephant? What the What!


Can you believe that Christmas will be here next week?  Yes, next week.  As always, I still don’t have all my gifts and I’m usually in that number that is looking for last-minute items.  Sigh…I may even end up with an Aunt Betty special around here for some folks.   It also didn’t help that […]

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Holiday Gift Guide: Celebrating Special Days with Not Just Any Old Day


I love all things accessories, especially rings and bracelets.  So, when I saw a picture of Kym Whitley, who I just love especially in the movie Friday, rocking a ring from Not Just Any Old Day… Let’s just say it was a no-brainer.  I just had to indulge in their collection. Cute right?  And not […]

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Fashion Talk: Join @LaneBryant & @NotoriousSpinks for a Twtter Party


If you stopped by yesterday then you saw my top choice for a perfect holiday look, if not you can check it out here.  Also, head over and enter to WIN one of two $30 gift cards I’m giving away.  This giveaway ends December 18th, so head over NOW! Well, thanks to Lane Bryant the […]

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Entertainment Talk: How to Handle Unwanted Holiday Gifts


Have you ever gotten “that” gift?  You know “that” gift that you’d never get for yourself, let alone give to anyone else.   Like… that cheap bath and body set that will break you out in places that you didn’t know existed on your body or those slippers with the gigantic dog head on them.  Oh, […]

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Entertainment Talk: @KevinHart4Real Presents … Should I Go Real or Fake


Kevin Hart is one of the funniest comedians around.  When he hits the stage, there are nothing but laughs.  Check out the video by Kevin Hart and Verizon to see if he’ll be going real or fake this year. What about you, real or fake? Share your choice on Twitter using the hashtag, #ihartholidays This […]

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Preparing for Christmas with Old Memories


Can you believe that Christmas is almost here?  Have you started prepping your Christmas decorations, untangling the lights and choosing the perfect outfit for your family holiday photos?  Well I have! Recently I was cleaning out my mom’s junk room and I found about 12 boxes of Christmas decorations.  While looking through the boxes, I […]

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Great Gifts for the Musicians in Your Life


Just about everyone can think of someone in their life that has expressed an interest in playing music. It may be a family member, or perhaps simply a distant friend. Nevertheless, the holiday season is fast approaching, and many people are striving to come up with ideas for gift giving. There are a variety of […]

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