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Tech Talk: Kids and the Internet: Filtering & Monitoring #giveaway


As kids grow up, the question arises as to how to introduce them to the world of the Internet. Letting our children loose online is a worry, especially for those of use who know the dangers and inappropriate materials that lurk around the digital corner. That begin said, everyone wants the best start in life […]

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Facebook Adds Calendar and List View to Events Page


Yesterday I shared how to export Facebook events to your personal calendar so that you won’t be tardy for the party.  However, it seems that while I was writing that post, Facebook was working some more magic.  Maybe they’re trying to kiss and make up for the email fiasco. Facebook has updated the Events page […]

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Export Facebook Events to Personal Calendar


I get so many event invitations on Facebook.  I RSVP for so many events on Facebook.  I almost always forget to attend events that I RSVP for via Facebook. However, lately my beloved Facebook *chuckles here* has been making changes to many of the features around the site.  Some are accepted with open arms and […]

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Should Facebook Monitor Language Choices?


This posts ask if it’s okay for “Nigga Slang” to be listed a language on Facebook?

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Techno Tuesday: Got Klout?


This post gives a summary of Klout and how Klout numbers a tallied.

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