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Wordless Wednesday: School Girl Chronicles


My Goo after a long day at school.  She is rocking that Afro puff though! Halloween is coming up, head over to get your photo greeting card to share those special moments with friends and family. Enjoy your day!

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Entertainment Talk: Preparing for the Holiday with Ice Age 4 #time4family #cbias


The holidays are quickly approaching and the kids are out of school.  This time of year always leaves us scrambling for things to do with the children.  However, last night we decided to enjoy a movie night to celebrate the release of Ice Age 4 on DVD.  We are movie hoarders at my house so […]

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Entertainment Talk: A Despicable (Me) Night of Fun #cbias #familyDVDnite


Movie night in our house is like…is like…I can’t even describe it.  We laugh, we cook, we eat, and laugh some more.  It’s all about putting family first in a world full of noise.  Not to mention that this week we decided to get Despicable (Me) with it. Friday while TJ b.k.a. “The King” was […]

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