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Entertainment Talk: A Despicable (Me) Night of Fun #cbias #familyDVDnite


Movie night in our house is like…is like…I can’t even describe it.  We laugh, we cook, we eat, and laugh some more.  It’s all about putting family first in a world full of noise.  Not to mention that this week we decided to get Despicable (Me) with it. Friday while TJ b.k.a. “The King” was […]

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Entertainment Talk: Summer Heat and a Little Indoor Fun


I’m not sure about y’all, but in Tennessee it is hotter than fish grease those grits on Al Green’s back.  Seriously, you could probably smoke your ribs with UV rays from the sun.  Yes that hot and I don’t think I’m exaggerating either.  I even refused to go outside in spite of the holidays yesterday.  […]

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