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Green Living

Eco Talk: Green Roofs – Eco Friendly Home Addition For Your Spring Home


You recently came to know what energy-efficient lightning can do for your spring home. Now it’s time for you to find out one of the best green home improvements you can make for the season: installation of green roofs. A green roof is one of those green renovations that will provide long-term benefits for your […]

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Finance Talk: Getting Great Electricity Rates


As a mom, you want to create a comfortable home experience. You may aim to maintain a desirable temperature, as well as provide your children with a reasonable amount of entertainment. But if your children have a lot of electronic games or constantly mess with the thermostat, this can greatly affect your energy costs. A […]

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An Energy Efficient Home


A dream of mine is to buy a few acres of land and build my dream home.  This has always been my dream. There is just something about getting to design every aspect of my home.  Control freak… However, the number one prerequisite for my dream home is that it must be energy-efficient.  I will […]

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