Holiday Talk: Make Easter Memorable with Shari’s Berries


Easter is right around the corner and I’m so excited. Easter typically marks the first official day of spring for me.  We get the girls all dressed up in their Easter frocks with their matching Easter baskets.  Right now I am looking for just the right items to get make their baskets big and cute-iful! […]

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Real Talk: Happy Birthday Dr. King


Today, Dr. King would have been 84. Gone but never forgotten for his sacrifices.

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Entertainment Talk: Kevin Hart Talks Batteries


I’m pretty sure that battery makers make the most profit at Christmas.  It seems that every toy on the shelf requires a battery these days.  And it never fails that I’m P.O.’ed about it.  I bet the toy companies hook up with the battery companies to create this conspiracy…calling Olivia Pope to investigate.  Nope, it’s […]

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Save Big at Sears’ Appliance Sale


Since my mom passed I live in her home and I’m gradually making it more home with decor and different layouts. One of my first projects was to tackle the kitchen.  I’m in the process of a mini-over haul by updating the small appliances, painting and getting new counter tops.  I’m almost done with this […]

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Entertainment Talk: Kevin Hart To Purchase an Elephant? What the What!


Can you believe that Christmas will be here next week?  Yes, next week.  As always, I still don’t have all my gifts and I’m usually in that number that is looking for last-minute items.  Sigh…I may even end up with an Aunt Betty special around here for some folks.   It also didn’t help that […]

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Preparing for Christmas with Old Memories


Can you believe that Christmas is almost here?  Have you started prepping your Christmas decorations, untangling the lights and choosing the perfect outfit for your family holiday photos?  Well I have! Recently I was cleaning out my mom’s junk room and I found about 12 boxes of Christmas decorations.  While looking through the boxes, I […]

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Prepare for Fall Festivities


The leaves in beautiful hues of red, orange, and yellow make me love fall and the cooler weather that accompanies it.  I also look forward to the holidays and spending time with family, especially Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the time I, like so many others, sit back and reflect on life and all that comes with […]

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Happy Valentines Day


Hey Spinkys! Happy Love Day! I sat in as a substitute teacher today and it’s been a rather eventful day to say the least.  I have a great post for you that I’ll be posting in a few hours.  I asked a few men a couple of questions I’ve always wondered.  I’m sure many of […]

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