Tech Talk: Exploring Womanhood with New iPhone App


Being a woman is hard… I mean real hard, Boo. First, we have the daunting task of understanding ourselves, getting men to understand us (and read our minds) and then getting the children to obey us (and stop following us to the bathroom).  I’m tired just thinking about it… Thanks to Clinical Psychologist and Sexual […]

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Tech Talk: New iPad App Makes Potty Training Fun and Interactive


Potty training for many children allows them to do a “grown-up” thing.  They get to sit on the toilet like mommy and daddy and listen to the sound that goes “tinkle-tinkle.”  However, for many families potty training can also become very difficult.  Let’s face it, some children learn quickly and others not so quickly.  With […]

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Tech Talk: Cooking with Pilo3 iPhone App


Since getting my iPhone, I am always downloading apps.  I’m still amazed at the apps that are continually developed, not to mention the augmented reality and 3D that is built into many. Please note: These items were provided by the brand or company to Notorious Spinks Talks. All opinions within belong to the author alone.  […]

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Tech Talk: iFile Download Manager Review for iPhone #giveaway


I’ve found that with my iPhone I often run across files and documents not supported by my iOS and this bums me out.  I usually have to pull out the laptop (sigh) and access it from there.  However, the iFile Download Manager has changed that…it’s really a game changer (in my Oprah voice). The iFile […]

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Tech Talk: Making Every Day Valentine’s Day with Twyxt iPhone App


Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it and couples across the nation will proudly profess their love for each other.  However, I often wonder why so many wait until February 14th to get all mushy, send flowers and drool all over each other.  Why???? Well the iPhone app (coming soon to Android) Twyxt […]

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Tech Talk: Listen Up App Review


Listen Up! I’m not a good listener and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  Well I don’t think so anyway. Honestly, I let things go in one ear and out the other.  Now if you put it on paper, I got you.  I can remember it, recite it and quote you. So when I was […]

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Tech Talk: Talking Anya Dress Up Augmented App Review


If you’re anything like me then you can appreciate a good app.  One of the reasons I went from my beloved Blackberry to the iPhone was because I wanted a better & larger variety of apps.  But things have changed … I went from loving grown-up apps to always adding kid-friendly apps.  Sigh… Moms, I […]

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Tech Talk: Managing Time with HomeTeam


Have you ever felt like you just had too many irons in the fire?  Do you struggle to keep all your tasks for the day organized?   Well, fret not because time management is an issue for me as well.  I’m always looking for ways to keep everything in my life organized.  You too?  There’s […]

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Team iPhone


Guess who FINALLY got an iPhone? You guessed it! *throws confetti here* ME!!!!! Whoop! Whoop! LOL! But seriously, I’m so excited to upgrade to the iPhone from my Blackberry.  I’m sorry but RIM just wasn’t doing it for me. I wanted longed to enter the wonderful world of iPhone apps.  However, I totally understand because […]

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