Holiday Talk: Make Easter Memorable with Shari’s Berries


Easter is right around the corner and I’m so excited. Easter typically marks the first official day of spring for me.  We get the girls all dressed up in their Easter frocks with their matching Easter baskets.  Right now I am looking for just the right items to get make their baskets big and cute-iful! […]

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Tech Talk: Making Every Day Valentine’s Day with Twyxt iPhone App


Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it and couples across the nation will proudly profess their love for each other.  However, I often wonder why so many wait until February 14th to get all mushy, send flowers and drool all over each other.  Why???? Well the iPhone app (coming soon to Android) Twyxt […]

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Preparing for Christmas with Old Memories


Can you believe that Christmas is almost here?  Have you started prepping your Christmas decorations, untangling the lights and choosing the perfect outfit for your family holiday photos?  Well I have! Recently I was cleaning out my mom’s junk room and I found about 12 boxes of Christmas decorations.  While looking through the boxes, I […]

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Decorating with Alphabet Photography


Is your office or work space void of inspiration?  Just bland, boring … blah.  Well my office is not just blah anymore thanks to Alphabet Photography. As I prepare for 2013, my first order of business is to get my office like I want it, chic and inspiring.  In doing that I have to make […]

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Is Checking the Time on your Phone Rude?


Every year I purchase a Christmas gift just for me.  It’s my reminder to celebrate me.  This year I’m eying watches and I’ve seen quite a few I like.  The one I currently have my eye on now is a part of the Thomas Sabo jewellery line. Now the reason I’m getting a watch is because I use […]

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Have you Smelled the Flowers Lately?


As a kid I never really understood the term “Spring Forward, Fall Back.”  However, these days I love to fall back because I know cooler weather is on the horizon, shorter days are here (yes I enjoy my long nights) and beautiful leaves will cover the ground in various hues of red, brown and orange. […]

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Adventures Abroad: Traveling in Europe


In 2013, I will take my first trip to Europe and it will be my first time traveling abroad.  My goal is to make sure that my trip goes smoothly so I’m researching all my options and all the places I want to visit. The plan is to take a 14-day trip that allows me […]

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Make It Happen, Monday!


It’s Monday and raining here but my day got off to a great start.  I just wanted to share some funny quotes this morning…because Life is funny,on purpose right?  LOL! P.S. Make sure you put your depends on before you read …I’m not responsible for the spills.  LOL! Source: Someecards

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Rainbow in the Cloud


Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to see Maya Angelou.  I never thought in a million years that this would happen.  I’ve loved her work since my 9th English teacher introduced me to her.  Her stories, her poetry… HER! The purpose of Dr. Angelou’s visit was to speak at an event for a local nonprofit.  […]

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Flowers for the Living


This morning was a real shocker for me.  The last I checked, 12 people were reported dead as a result of the mass shooting in the Colorado movie theater.  71 were reported as injured.  Tragic…  As I transitioned into my daily routine of breathing, praying, breathing, meditating, breathing and praying, I thanked God for my […]

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