Fashion Talk: Anniversary Gifts on a Budget


I love when spring and summer comes, well sort of.  If I could just have them without the scorching sun beating down my brain then I’d be good.  But, it is what it is. Another thing I look forward to during this time of year is weddings and wedding announcements.  Yea, I’m a hopeless romantic.  […]

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Tech Talk: New iPad App Makes Potty Training Fun and Interactive


Potty training for many children allows them to do a “grown-up” thing.  They get to sit on the toilet like mommy and daddy and listen to the sound that goes “tinkle-tinkle.”  However, for many families potty training can also become very difficult.  Let’s face it, some children learn quickly and others not so quickly.  With […]

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Entertainment Talk: Justin Timberlake Rocks the Mic


Image: Rachael Yarbrough & Faith-Ann Young Lately Justin Timberlake better known as JT, has been everywhere.  I’m often amazed at the success of this former mouseketeer of the Mickey Mouse Club and now Grammy and Emmy award-winning entertainer.  Did I mention that he’s from Memphis, Tennessee? In all honesty, I didn’t love Justin at first.  […]

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Holiday Talk: Make Easter Memorable with Shari’s Berries


Easter is right around the corner and I’m so excited. Easter typically marks the first official day of spring for me.  We get the girls all dressed up in their Easter frocks with their matching Easter baskets.  Right now I am looking for just the right items to get make their baskets big and cute-iful! […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day


Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and remember to love on yourself, too.

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Tech Talk: Making Every Day Valentine’s Day with Twyxt iPhone App


Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it and couples across the nation will proudly profess their love for each other.  However, I often wonder why so many wait until February 14th to get all mushy, send flowers and drool all over each other.  Why???? Well the iPhone app (coming soon to Android) Twyxt […]

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Entertainment Talk: If Good Girls Like Bad Boys, Then Who Does a Bad Girl Like?


For centuries, scholars have puzzled their minds seeking the answer to one simple question, “Why do good girls love bad boys?”  Those geniuses had no clue, I guess.  They even stopped by and asked lil’ ole me since Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato ‘nem  couldn’t come up with a good enough answer.   Well, I just told […]

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Real Talk: Happy Birthday Rev. King


Today we celebrate the birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as a national holiday.  It seems that every year on this day, I get sad.  It really bothers me that I live in the city where he was killed.  I know I wasn’t there, wasn’t even a thought in my mom’s mind, […]

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Entertainment Talk: Preparing for the Holiday with Ice Age 4 #time4family #cbias


The holidays are quickly approaching and the kids are out of school.  This time of year always leaves us scrambling for things to do with the children.  However, last night we decided to enjoy a movie night to celebrate the release of Ice Age 4 on DVD.  We are movie hoarders at my house so […]

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Entertainment Talk: A Despicable (Me) Night of Fun #cbias #familyDVDnite


Movie night in our house is like…is like…I can’t even describe it.  We laugh, we cook, we eat, and laugh some more.  It’s all about putting family first in a world full of noise.  Not to mention that this week we decided to get Despicable (Me) with it. Friday while TJ b.k.a. “The King” was […]

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