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Tech Talk: iFile Download Manager Review for iPhone #giveaway


I’ve found that with my iPhone I often run across files and documents not supported by my iOS and this bums me out.  I usually have to pull out the laptop (sigh) and access it from there.  However, the iFile Download Manager has changed that…it’s really a game changer (in my Oprah voice). The iFile […]

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How to Manage Working from Home with Kids


It may sound both counter-intuitive and too much like hard work, but for many modern parents it is a fact of life. There are plenty of moms and dads who have kids, for whom working at home is a reality and who are not only managing, but making a success of the situation. Though thinking […]

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Taking my time back: one block at a time


For the last year I’ve just been existing.  I went from the networking queen who was always at an event to the girl locked up in the house.  When I finally decided to show my face to the outside world,  I got a job that took up 90 percent of my time.  Honestly I was […]

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Review: I Try to be “Pretty Neat”


Y’all know I’m always reading a book. I have books everywhere.  I mean everywhere.  I’m just too ashamed to take pictures of them and share the stacks here but I’ll tell you about them.  Naw!  I’m too ashamed to even talk about them. My love for books began when I was a little girl.  Back […]

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30 Day Road to Discovery: Day 18 – Vision


This post discusses the importance of organizing thoughts to prepare a clearer vision.

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