Finance Talk: Save Money While Back-to-School Shopping


Throughout the country students are preparing for the new school year, including myself.  As always, there is never a shortage of sales for school supplies, clothing and shoes.  However, there seems to be one item that always makes me cringe on sight.  Whenever I think about it my stomach gets butterflies because I’m afraid of […]

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Finance Talk: How to Earn Cashback on Everyday Spending


Money is very tight at the moment for many households, so it has become more important than ever to make our cash stretch as far as possible. Some savvy consumers have hit upon ways to actually make money at the same time as spending it, and they do this by getting cashback on purchases using […]

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Fashion Talk: Pinterest Inspired Bedroom Decor with Books


I hate moving but I love decorating after the move.  However, I’m putting on my big girl panties and getting this show on the road.  I’ve finally decided that it’s time to leave my mom’ s house since the siblings don’t want to do right.  Life is too short and I have too much to […]

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Textbooks: Purchase vs. Rent


Text book rentals are becoming trendy these days.  Especially when so many people are returning to college to learn new skills or update their current skill sets. However, when considering going back to college you must budget in textbooks.  I’ve seen books for more than $200.  Good googily mooli! I recently asked some of my […]

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Shop online and save


I love to shop online.  Shopping is therapy for me and I am always in need of some retail therapy in my life.  It makes life…worth living. My favorite method of shopping is online, mostly because it allows me to hunt down the lowest prices for the products I love.  I’m always looking for a […]

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Thrifty Thursday: Free Starbuck’s


You scream, I scream, We all scream for ice cream Starbucks! Are you screaming?  Well I am! Starting today to Saturday, March 12, Starbucks is giving away FREE Starbucks Petites. Via Starbucks site: To mark the last 40 years, we invite everyone to join us for Tribute Days. This event is a celebration of you […]

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Saturday Shopping: Shoe Candy


Hey Spinkys I noticed that some of my favorite shoe places were running sales this weekend in honor of President’s Day.  I did a little window shopping via the web and bought a few items too.  Here are some of the deals I found. First I stopped at Zappos since I was already looking at […]

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Thrifty Thursday: Red Lobster


Thrifty Thursday is a new installment on Notorious Spinks Talks that will feature thrifty and frugal finds. The goal is to inform readers about various money-saving opportunities available. I hope you enjoy. Hey Spinkys! It’s almost V-Day and Red Lobster has a great special going on.  You and your love can get a three-course seafood […]

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Budget is not a Bad Word


Thank you to TurboTax for sponsoring my writing about household finances.Learn more about how TurboTax can help you find every tax deduction you deserve. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do. I got my first job when I turned 16-years-old.  I was in […]

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Waste-free Wednesday:Freecycle


Waste-free Wednesday is a series of posts where I will share tips for reducing our waste, spreading the green thumb love and tips for saving your hard-earned money.  Besides, Mother Earth and your finances will thank you for it. Lately I’ve read numerous blog posts and magazine articles about clutter.  They all pretty much focus […]

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