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Entertainment Talk: Justin Timberlake Rocks the Mic


Image: Rachael Yarbrough & Faith-Ann Young Lately Justin Timberlake better known as JT, has been everywhere.  I’m often amazed at the success of this former mouseketeer of the Mickey Mouse Club and now Grammy and Emmy award-winning entertainer.  Did I mention that he’s from Memphis, Tennessee? In all honesty, I didn’t love Justin at first.  […]

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Entertainment Talk: Kevin Hart To Purchase an Elephant? What the What!


Can you believe that Christmas will be here next week?  Yes, next week.  As always, I still don’t have all my gifts and I’m usually in that number that is looking for last-minute items.  Sigh…I may even end up with an Aunt Betty special around here for some folks.   It also didn’t help that […]

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Entertainment Talk: How to Handle Unwanted Holiday Gifts


Have you ever gotten “that” gift?  You know “that” gift that you’d never get for yourself, let alone give to anyone else.   Like… that cheap bath and body set that will break you out in places that you didn’t know existed on your body or those slippers with the gigantic dog head on them.  Oh, […]

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Entertainment Talk: @KevinHart4Real Presents … Should I Go Real or Fake


Kevin Hart is one of the funniest comedians around.  When he hits the stage, there are nothing but laughs.  Check out the video by Kevin Hart and Verizon to see if he’ll be going real or fake this year. What about you, real or fake? Share your choice on Twitter using the hashtag, #ihartholidays This […]

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The Best Super Bowl XLV Commercial


Well Spinkys the Super Bowl commercials let me down.  I didn’t see one that was good.  I miss the old Super Bowl commercials.  You know when they were really better than the game. Since I couldn’t find one that was good I pulled up my favorite from last year.  Doritos put it down with this […]

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